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If you are a good person and good at giving advise can you please help me. I really need it?

I really like this guy at my community college & he is in my math class. The is 20 people in my class and 17 of them are all older adults who are in there 40-50's. There are only 3 young kids in the class one which is me, the other is this guy Chris who I have a huge crush on, then there's this girl Hannah who is absolutely beautiful. I really like Chris but I am shy. I sometimes see Chris looking at Hannah like when she walks in the room but not always. Hannah sits in the back of the class room and Chris sits up front but at the end desk. Well I notice that Chris sometimes looks back out of the corner of his eyes near Hannah and it is almost like he is listing to what she is saying when shes talking to the older people next to her. Today I came into school and Chris changed his seat. He still sits way up front but he moved to be in the same row as Hannah.

The math class that I am in the professor is strict & we are not allowed to change seats plus Chris stole this older mans seat and I could tell that the older man was kinda pissed/confused but kept it to himself.

Do you think this means anything as to why he changed his seat?

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    not to be rude, but its really obvious that he likes her, try to be more confident about yourself and more outgoing, he will notice you more i bet.

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