Should I trade away Michael Turner?

My cousin may take the offer in my league, and I think Matt Forte is playing a better role.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If your league is PPR then you should trade away Turner without a doubt, but either way Forte is having a better season because he gets a lot of receiving yards. Forte has over 1000 total yards on the season while Turner only has around 700, in most leagues 1 yard = 1/10 of a point in terms of receiving and rushing yards. The only way Turner has a better season is if he scores more touchdowns; however Turner doesn't generally get a lot of long touchdown runs (they are mostly 1 or 2 yard plunges) which isn't something you can depend on consistently. In a PPR league Forte has about 30 points more than Turner solely from receptions so without a doubt you should make that trade. Forte also has already had his bye (this week) while Turner has his bye next week. After Turner has his bye these stats will be more skewed in Forte's favor so if you can get him now you should.

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