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Liberals: those two birth notices in Hawaiian 1961 newspapers were for a different Barack Hussein Obama!?

That solves that. I am sick of liberals saying, "oh, well, two newspapers in Hawaii had birth notices for Barack Hussein Obama in August of 1961, so that proves that he was born in Hawaii!" It proves nothing. Think of how many Barack Hussein Obamas were probably born in Hawaii on that day in 1961. Probably dozens. That birth notice could refer to any of them. Our Hussein was born in Kenya. If McCain had not forgotten to look this up, we would not be in this mess today.


Exactly, Tricky Dick. At least you understand.

1. Barack Obama's mother was also not a U.S. citizen. She became a citizen of Kenya upon marrying Hussein's father.

2. Barack Obama went and renounced his U.S. citizenship at the embassy in Indonesia in the 1960s. He went by himself at age 6 and stood before the consular official and renounced his U.S. passport.

3. He had to have gone to Pakistan on a foreign passport b/c it is a fact that Americans were forbidden to visit Pakistan in 1981.

4. He got a scholarship for foreign students when he was at Columbia.

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    Well Ted, I have to agree that there are not many people with the last name of Obama living in Hawaii, now or in 1961.

    My question is how many people are aware of Hawaii Laws. In particular HRS 338-17.8

    In short this law states

    a) Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child.

    Obama could have received a Hawaii birth certificate as long as the parents had been legal residents for at least a year prior to his birth. Obama Sr. entered the University of Hawaii in September 1959 and Stanley Ann Dunham had lived there with her parents for a number of years.

    The law states that an adult OR legal guardian can apply for the birth certificate as long as the director of health is provided proof of residency for 1 year prior to the birth so Obama's grandmother could have applied for the certificate and once recorded by the registrar would have been published in the newspapers.

    Does this sound reasonable to think that this might have happened? Considering that there was a set of twins born 4 days after Obama yet whose birth certificate numbers are lower than what is shown on Obama's certificate one would have to conclude that something is fishy. If that doesn't sound fishy enough then perhaps one should take a look at this and see if they feel the same way.

    Obama produced a certificate, the problem with that one is that no one was so damn politically correct back then. Obama's Sr.'s race is listed as African but back in the 1960's blacks were called Ne6ro's and then a country so NE6RO - Africian would have been appropriate. To bad that Obama's counterfeiters did not realize this when producing his certificate.

    The other question that comes to mind is why did Obama decide to release his birth certificate when challenged by Donald Trump? He refused to show it during any of the many law suits filed that demanded he produce it. Did he just wait until the forgery was ready? Is Donald Trump more powerful than the courts or the appeals courts?


    Let me address a couple of remarks made by PennyLee

    Certainly Hillary was the first to bring up the issue of Obama's birth, odd though that every prior candidate selected by the democrats have been certified and that certification has stated that the candidate was constitutionally qualified to hold the office. When Obama won the nomination the only state that got that certification was Hawaii which has a state law that requires it to be written in that manner. All of the other 49 states got a certification stating that Obama was the democrat nominee

    True FACT, it is damn near impossible for a minor to give up his citizenship, even if the mother gives up hers the child would still be a citizen. A child of 6 years of age is unable to comprehend citizenship.

    Travel to Pakistan was not forbidden in 1981, the US issued warnings against doing so and would only issue a 30 day VISA

    Foreign students ARE able to obtain scholarships, they just can not get a Fullbright Scholarship which is what Obama allegedly received. Please note, there is no documentation to show that he has, or ever had such a scholarship.

    *Edit #2

    You state that Obama attended Columbia University, which is something that he has also said. More than 400 students from the 1983 graduating class of Columbia have been interviewed. Not one person knew or ever met Obama or Soreto. Not even Wayne Allen Root who attended Columbia and was taking the same curriculum as Obama. Obama's picture is not in any year book either. Did he actually attend?

    I have done more than my fair share into looking at Obama's past, I have seen rumors and have dispelled some of those on my own (renouncing citizenship, scholarship etc..) The problem is that there are things such as the birth certificate in one of the links and the fact that the one Obama shows which states his fathers race as African, which is not what would be used as a reference in 1961

    (pre civil rights act)

    When you look at things such as these and then discover that twins born days later that have birth certificate numbers which are lower in number. You have to scratch your head and say HMM. Now it

    is coming to light that Obama's SS number is one that would have been issued in the state of Connecticut, a state in which Obama has never resided. Now all you can say is WTF!!!

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    McCain and Clinton both looked into it, there was no Kenyan Birth.

    1. Citizenship doesn't work that way. Obama's mother never lost her US citizenship.

    2. Not possible, children under 16 can't (and there's no record of any ever) renounce their US citizenship, and parents can't do it for them.

    3. Not only were Americans allowed to visit Pakistan, there was regular air service from JFK to Pakistan, and visas were available at borders.

    4. Foreign students aren't eligible for scholarships.

    Other than that, keep it up. The whole birther thing is fun.

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    Can you tell me how many Barack Hussein Obamas have been born in Hawaii since 1961? Get back to us on that and we will give you the odds on the chances of multiple births with the same name with the same parents on the same day in the same hospital. I think the odds are pretty slim. But I am sure that you birthers have found something that McCain and Hillary and the whole Republican Party missed. You should have had Palin look into it. She is known for her outstanding scholarship.

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    But would all those birth certificates for Barack Hussein Obama being born on the same day have the same mother and father listed on them? This sucks.....I don't even like the guy and you are forcing me to defend him.

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    Barack Hussein Obamas you know a lot of people named this from hawaii in 1961?

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    "Think of how many Barack Hussein Obamas were probably born in Hawaii on that day in 1961."

    You have to be a troll to have written that sentence. Nobody dumb enough to think that argument makes sense would be able to operate a computer.

  • Stop the nonsense, my friend. You are part of a looney fringe group of people who probably don't think men landed on the moon, either.

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    Really man? This is a dead issue now. I no you hate Obama but at least be original

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    Jay, the sad part isn't that he is making fun of them its the people that still actually give credence to it and believe it. much like the answer below yours.

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    WHO CARES!!!! Wow can you get over it already you obviously have no idea what your talking about. It must feel good to take somthing you herd and pretend its somthing you have researched.


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