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How much faster does a baseball travel than a softball?

About how much faster does a baseball travel than a softball. I have "googled" this question, but I got like no results, so I'm not sure if you can actually determine the speed difference between the two, but if anyone has any ideas, PLEASE HELP! Asap!(: Thanks.


I mean like if you apply the same amount of force. Because a baseball is lighter and softball is heavier.

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    The only way I can answer your question is to say that the fastest I've seen a baseball thrown is approximately 102 MPH. the fastest I seen a softball thrown but

    "The King and his Court", underhand, 74MPH. I'm guessing that is just about top end for both types of balls.

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    If you throw a baseball at 60 mph, it goes the same speed as a softball at 60 mph.

    If you throw a baseball at 90 mph, then it's 30 miles an hour faster than a softball at 60 mph.

    Your question makes no sense. Which goes faster, a car or a truck? Doesn't it depend on how fast you drive it? Which goes faster, a baseball or softball? Depends on how hard you throw it (or hit it)

    Yes, it's probably harder to throw a softball as fast as a baseball... so if you are asking a physics question about how fast a baseball or softball will travel with the same amount of force, that's different.

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    To start off, they both travel the same. Gravity acts the same on both objects.

    Now, to get away from physics and try to infer what you are asking.

    Since a baseball pitching mound is 60 ft from home plate, and a softball pitching rubber is at 43 ft for college, and at 46 for men. The speed is relative.

    It comes down to how long does the batter have to make a decision whether to swing or not, and where to swing.

    Without showing all the math, a 65 mph softball pitch is equivalent to about a 90+ mph baseball pitch. Now, the college girls that are throwing into the 70+ mph are throwing faster than the fastest baseball pitch recorded - relatively.

    Men fastpitch softball pitchers are routinely pitching in the 104-108 mph from 46 feet away. Let's see you hit that one...

    Note: from my research while designing sports radar guns, I found that most pitches - baseball or softball loose about 15-20% of their velocity from pitcher to home. This is a result of gravity, air pressure and friction through the air. Softballs tended to loose less velocity. The mass of the ball being greater tended to help hold its velocity better.

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    Technically, they go the same speed. A baseball mound is 60what feet 6 inches away allowing it gain more velocity before reaching the plate. A softball mound on the other hand is much closer and doesn't have a chance to get up to the speed as a baseball. So taking that into consideration, a 60 mph pitch in softball is equivilant to a 90 mph pitch in baseball.

    I don't remember the exact ratio but it's somewhere around there.

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    Catcher is definitely hardest. Ive also played everywhere in softball and catcher was the hardest. Not only do you have to block the ball with your body your knees are the worst after playing. Threes also the mental aspect of it. Catchers basically guard home plate and if they mess up something and let a run score they feel just as bad as the pitcher does. There also calling the game and if they make one mistake like signal for the wrong pitch or something and the batter gets a hit they'll know they made a mistake. Pitcher is close in second and then i'd say its a tie between Shortstop and 3rd base. GO YANKEES and yeah stick with 3rd base since you like it.

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    Baseball. Baseball's top speed is 105.1 mph by Androlis Chapman. I think the fastest softball is around 70-75 mph. Baseball is lighter and smaller, but it's kind of in the middle,alowing a faster rate.

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    Mes fastpitch softball throws in 84-87 where the women throw 70-74.

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    Well a softball can only go about sixty and a baseball can go abbot 100

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    3 or more times.

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