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How does American Airlines perform?

I'm flying for the VERY first time on Thursday afternoon. I'm flying on American Airlines. I'm just wondering, How does American Airlines perform compared to other airlines? Are they on time? What are the delays like? How are the employees like pilots and stewardesses? I heard that they are a good airline to fly on.


I am flying from New York City to Springfield,Missouri.

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    American Airlines is average at best. Right now the airline is struggling financially as other airlines have made money, they have lost money. One thing about American Airlines is that the company has never filed for bankruptcy protection. While most of the other airlines were filing chapter 11 bankruptcy, thereby allowing them to get rid of expensive pensions and other costs, American Airlines did not ask the government for help. Therefore they have one of the highest cost in the industry.

    As for on-time performance, it depends on what city you are flying from. Sometimes the busier airports can experience delays. But weather also plays a role as well. If there is bad weather, then flights can be delayed a bit.

    Flight crew is average. Some flight attendants will be really nice while others can be rude. It depends on who you get. I have flown with flight attendants that are very helpful while others show that they don't want to be there.

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    AA is just like any other airline. They're average.

    AA has thousands and thousands of employees. A cabin crew of 4-6 will NOT represent the whole company on who the employees are

    On-time performance: Most flights are on time. Airlines strive to be on time because it costs TONS of money being late. Examples, using more gas, changing gates, rescheduling passengers

    Delays: depends on weather, crew availability, maintanance

    Note: Stewardesses are called flight attendants to be gender neutral.

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