2 months Non-Rec count towards the 6 months for PFC?

one of my old boot camp buddies got NJPd a while ago and we were discussing whether his 2-month period where he's "Not Recommended" for promotion still counts towards the 6 months in which it takes to pick up PFC again...for example he was NJPd in July...does he still pick up PFC in January or is it 6 months from when his non-rec period is up...March?

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  • John U
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    8 years ago
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    We have to look at this from a different angle. Once his punishment is over satisfactorily he once again becomes promotable but he will have to work on his time in grade which was reset to zero once he was demoted.

    Now, in the larger scheme of things that still doesn't mean squat if we are just looking at the time in service and time in grade for an "automatic" promotion and here is why.

    Every month a sheet is delivered to the Commander and on that sheet is a list of everyone that is eligible for "automatic" promotion to E-2, 3, and 4. There also exists a number of waivers in the secondary zone but in this case, that point is moot. So, even though your buddy may recoup all the time in grade and all the time in service to get back to E-3, once his name comes up on that sheet the Commander can still circle "NO" next to his name, turn it all back into Personnel at the post level and there he sits at E-2. A commander can do this month after month until his supervisor convinces the Platoon Sergeant who convinces the 1SGT and Commander that your buddy has paid his dues, has soldiered up and deserves another crack at E-3.

    A lot of folks ask this same question and normally it is getting E-4 back but it's all the same with decentralized promotions. The 1SGT and Commander decide who is going to get the waiver and they also decide to promote or not promote and whether you are in the zone for "automatic" promotion that doesn't mean squat for the folks who have received NJP and of course barred or flagged. Many get under this assumption that once they hit the time in grade after being busted it's automatic but it's not, it takes a circle on the YES column next to his name from the Commander or usually the 1SGT is the one that does this and has the Commander sign off on it with his/her blessing at the same time.

    So, in answer to your question the time in grade resets to zero and obviously he will have plenty of time in service but even when he hits "primary zone' again there is no guarantee whatsoever he is getting promoted. How to use the chain of command to see if that is going to happen or not month to month should be painfully obvious but when his LES still says E-2 a month, two months or even six months past the time he was back in the primary zone it is because his performance warrants the Commander to circle "NO" month, after month after month.........

    Use to be a First Shirt, trust me, I've done it and the Commander never blinked an eye signing off on it either.

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