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Will sleeping in seperate beds ruin a relationship?

My girlfriend is the worst person in the world at sleeping. She kicks, moans and her body tempature goes throught the roof. Can I sleep in a seperate bed and not ruin the relationship?

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    If one person isn't getting proper rest when the couple sleeps in the same bed, that's a lot more likely to "ruin" the can still be intimate, but do your actual sleeping in separate can even position the beds close together (if you're using twins) so you could sleep in the same room...

    Many couples sleep apart due to one person having snoring issues or sleeplessness or some other problem that may disturb the rest of their partner...

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    It doesn't have to. It all depends on how both people approach the matter. From REALLY early on in my current marriage, I learned I could not share either a bed or even a room with my husband - he snored like a freight train, and is constantly in motion. Even though he's now using the machine for sleep apnea, it doesn't solve all the noise and motion problems, so I'm not coming back. It's fine - he understands it's not personal, wants us both to be healthy, and it doesn't get in the way of intimacy.

    Talk with her!

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    Sleeping in separate rooms may save the relationship rather than you suffering from sleep deprivation and being constantly angry over her sleeping habits. It's important that you talk with her and let her know that your sleeping in separate beds has nothing to do with how much you care for her. I'm sure she will understand. It's the quality of time you spend together that counts.

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    start thanking God she's just your girlfriend and not your wife. find someone you can sleep with. and yes, sleeping in separate beds will ruin a relationship

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    Can you get a bigger bed?

    I dont think having separate beds necessarily will destroy a relationship. But you have to talk to your gf and see how see feels about it. Some women wouldnt mind and some(like me) would be hurt if the only time you came to my bed was to have sex and then left when your done.

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    As long as you can still give great sex and a little cuddle time, there is no harm in sleeping in separate bedrooms considering her sleep pattern. Lots of people do this and have healthy marriages. Good luck.

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    She's got the Jimmy Leg

    KRAMER: I, uh, need to speak to you about some lady problems.

    Kramer sits in front of Elaine's desk.

    ELAINE: (unsure) Oh-kay.

    KRAMER: (a little anxious) You know, after I have sex with Emily, uh, I

    don't want her in the bed any more.

    ELAINE: Ah.

    KRAMER: Yeah, because she's throwing off my whole sleep. She's got the jimmy


    ELAINE: (confused) Jimmy legs?

    Kramer raises one leg and judders it in the air, as illustration.

    KRAMER: Jimmy leg.

    ELAINE: (grasping the concept) Ohh.

    KRAMER: So, uh, well, maybe I should just be honest with her, huh?

    ELAINE: Tell her after sex, you just want her outta there?

    KRAMER: Well, I'd say it nicely.

    ELAINE: I don't think so.

    KRAMER: Well, you know, I really like this girl and I, you know, I think if

    I could just work out this one thing...

    ELAINE: (interrupting) Yeah. I gotta be honest with you Kramer. You might be

    more than just a coupla tweaks away from a healthy relationship.

    KRAMER: Well you're not exactly zeroing in yourself, lady.

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    Yes. I know of quite a few long married (like 40+ years) that always slept in separate beds...

    It's all good so long as you visit each other often enough...if you know what I mean!

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    I doubt it'll matter since you two aren't married. Even if you were and her sleeping habits were that terrible, you should accommodate yourself. She'll hopefully understand.

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