Why is Dream Theaters "Falling into infinity" such a disliked album compared to the others?

It has awesome songs such as Anna Lee, New Millennium and You Not Me.

And Take away my Pain is one of my favourite songs of all time!

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  • Chip
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    9 years ago
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    For the record, Falling Into Infinity is also my favorite DT album...

    They brought in a particular producer for that album that had the band re-work and/or refine songs in ways that not even the band was happy with. The band and (a majority of?) fans believed that the album put the band in a more "mainstream/commercial" direction, which obviously upset everyone involved.

    Personally - it's an awesome album with great production, and I cannot see how songs like "Hell's Kitchen", "Lines In The Sand" and "Trial Of Tears" could be considered commercial or mainstream. I don't get it...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Its decent but compared to the first 3 albumsits garbage.Dts first 3 albums had that magic to their music that they lost when Kevin Moore left the band.Even the first one with Charlie Dominici on vocals had it.After Moore left,they never made any more songs that were epic.For example:The killing hand,another day and lifting shadows of a dream.Sheridan was a solid keyboardist and Jordan is super technical but they couldnt replace Moore.Kevin Moore was the perfect keyboardist for that band and when they lost him the music was never the same.Metro part 2 was good,albiet very overated.6 degrees was underated and so was octivarium and bcasl.But they never again reached the level of brilliance that they had on images and words and awake.

    Source(s): Btw,dont you just hate it when you talk about another metal band and somebody just has to bring up metallica? Also to the other answerer,I agree that trial of tears is amazing,the best song on infinity.It was written by John Myung,who dt should utilize alot more.
  • Omg_ct
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    9 years ago

    Don't worry what people think, everyone hated death magnetic (metallica) but its one of my favourite albums

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