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I can see shortcuts in place of folders in Pen drive and they are not accessible.Help!!?

My data is stored in pen drive.All of my folder become a file having extension .scr i am not able to access the folder and files.But properties of pen drive is showing proper as it was before the virus infection.Antivirus deleted all trojan files; but problem still unresolved. Some "piuobil.scr" is seen in the properties of every folder. Please help to resolve ther problem.

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    You have a virus.

    Antivirus software is not perfect.. in this case, it was..

    (1) probably unable to remove all the working parts of the virus;

    (2) not able to recover your files

    If your files weren't destroyed, it may just be that they were turned invisible, or the extension was changed to SCR ( "screen saver" or "script".. one of the most dangerous filetypes you can click on)

    It probably has similar behavior to the link below.

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  • 3 years ago

    I see you're actually not attempting to recuperate your documents. As stated, an entire format (not "rapid") could clean up the subject of having those ultimate shortcuts. Please make an edit if this would not remedy the undertaking. yet another decision for cleansing up this tension may well be to erase _and_ overwrite the tension. Piriform's CCleaner (unfastened) gives you such an decision under procedures>>tension Wiper. As a word to the naysayers - having formatted the tension would not make record restoration impossible. except the area grew to become into additionally overwritten, merely the references to those archives have been bumped off and the area is now seen unfastened for writing upon. as long as sections have not yet been overwritten with new archives, a software inclusive of Pririform's Recuva (unfastened) might paintings merely nice to purpose a restoration of this "lost" ideas. Sorry for the plugs for Piriform - I merely very very equivalent to their utility, discover it extremely useful, and subsequently have little adventure with different classes that could deserve point out.

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