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我目前就讀保險系,平常的我,常會看一些國外雜誌,音樂,了解到國際觀的重要,我相信這樣對於國際保險的部分是有幫助,此外我相信我所念的科系是符合貴公司的需求. 如貴公司有意面試,本人一定遵照所指定的時日,前往拜訪。

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    I'm looking for a work on international insurance, I hope that in your company can handle the part related to insurance claims, I see on the network very interested in your company provides claims officers.

    I am currently studying Insurance Department, normally I often see some foreign magazines, music, understand the important of international perspective, I believe that this section is helpful for international insurance, and I believe I read Department are in line with your company's needs.

    If you intend for an interview, I will certainly comply with the time you specified, to visit.

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    求職面試好站 裡面有自傳可參考!0A7GCd6BBRlGLmsCoX4a...

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