Muslims: White woman thinking of converting to Islam, advice?

I go to a very diverse university and I have recently made a few muslim friends who I adore. I have spent a lot of time with them and the more I got to learn about Islam, the more beautiful I found the religion to be. It makes sense to me, and I highly admire those whom it is their faith during times of Ramadan and other religious practices. I have purchased a Qur'an and started studying from it, and I have also participated in my first fasting event.

However, I am a white suburban American girl with absolutely no cultural structure as to support a Muslim life. I still live with my family and we are considered Christian, but highly liberal (they tend to party a lot and have liberal attitudes about life) which are also values I have grown to also share being part of them.

Islam makes me take a look around and really re-evaluate who I am as a woman, and I really love that. However, my current living situation is so oppostie of Muslim values that I dont know if I would be accepted into the Muslim community without judgement.

Things like wearing a hijab also scare me, but I know that Allah wouldnt put one under considerable constraints either, until one is able and ready to commit to His guidelines. This kind of thing is going to take a long time, but I feel in my heart that I definitely do not identify with Christianity, but with Islam more than anything.

Muslim sisters and brothers, what do you think?


p.s. I said "white" a. because it will get people to answer the question and b. because even though "technically" color shouldn't matter, for me to put on a hijab and walk down a street in America would REALLY be a shocker to most people, confusing, and I would prooobably get a lot of judgemental treatment about my open religion. Sorry folks, you can say race doesnt matter but you know it does even if we all dont want it to. Dont answer with an ignorant response unless youre really willing to help out. (oh yeah, this is YA, who was I kidding?)

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    I am a White woman who reverted to Islam so I can identify with you very much. As a white woman in a Hijab I do often get strange looks but I care not what others think. Even in Muslim countries I get double takes but its because its not something they see everyday, I suppose I am a bit of a novelty but its done with respect and I get lots of smiles and AsalamAlikums.

    It is a big change in lifestyle when I first thought about becoming a Muslim I thought, how can I do this, I don't think I will be able to do that etc etc...But when all was said and done I wanted to become a Muslim and with that decision came obligations and responsibilities. I had to ask myself do I want to submit to Gods will or do I want to live fearing what strangers think? The answer to that question was very easy, and the rest is history.

    Hi jab should not scare you it is a beautiful thing. I feel so liberated I could not go back now. When I decided to become a Muslim a friend asked me ''when are you going to say your Shahada?'' and I said well I have so much to learn first blah blah blah... and she looked at me and said ''and if you die tomorrow, will it have been worth the wait? Everything you can learn you can learn in time after you have become a Muslim there is no rush. But you could die tomorrow and even with the best of intentions to learn and to become a Muslim, you will still not be considered a Muslim upon death.'' And I thought she is so right, all the rest can come in time, ie learning how to pray in Arabic, changing my clothing, fasting etc And that is exactly what I did, I learnt line by line phonically to pray, I was never a bikini, mini skirt wearer so my wardrobe pretty much fit the guidelines for Hi jab, I sought Halal meat and made sure nothing I bought contained gelatin and alcohol etc etc.

    It does take time, but not as long and you think after all life is fleeting and eternity is forever. I hope Insha Allah you get the answers you are looking for and I hope you come to the decision that is right for you.

    Peace to you She said...


    Please ignore all the nonsense written. And female circumcision is not part of Islam, a man in Islam is instructed to make sure his wife's needs are satisfied. Shows you how much they know *rolls eyes*

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    White Women Converting To Islam

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    I am actually Christian, but I hope you will permit me to answer. If your family is really liberal, then they may not take issue with you converting. But you won't know until you tell them.

    As far as hijab is concerned, it is a wonderful thing. As I said, I am Christian, but I do wear hijab. It seems a little scary at first, wondering how everybody will react, but after about two days, I realized that nobody cares. I live in an area with very little cultural diversity, which means that I do get stared at sometimes, particularly by children, but it's not so bad. Most adults tactfully avoid looking at me (at least until my back is turned), much like with people with a visible disability. Really, I stopped noticing after about a week, because I stopped looking. If anything, a lot of people are more respectful towards me because I dress in hijab. I even often get complemented by old people. I guess they are tired of seeing women my age dressed in clothes that hookers wouldn't have worn back when they were my age. So yeah, it's really not that bad. I actually love it. It gives me a very safe feeling, and I feel very liberated as well. From what I understand, hijab is a woman's choice in Islam, so if anything, you could try it out for a few hours at a time to see how it feels to dress modestly, and then make your decision. Good luck with whatever choice you make.

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    It takes time to be a good Muslim. You don't have to rush things. If you don't want to wear hijab that's fine. Try being as good Muslim as possible. You can't simply become a perfect Muslim overnight. Even people who are born Muslims have problem being a good Muslim. For new Muslim it is even hard because they are not familiar with the practices. And anybody can be a Muslim. Your race does not matter. Just read the Qur'an and pray to Allah for guidance.

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    Islam accepts anyone. You will have to change many things, but don't force yourself to change all in one day. Changes take time. Like the hijab I have been a Muslim for a long time and I am still not used to the hijab. don't think that you need to be forced to wear one right away. Change something every day. Like throwing away and clothes that are too inappropriate for Muslims.

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    I suggest you do convert because islam i everything in one , literally, its a religon proven scientificaly, spiritualy and the fastest growing. You have billions of people who hate islam around the world because of the media but dont listen tot them, whats the bet ill get caomments on this answer or replies telling me islam is violent religon, but dont believe any of that, reply to me in some way cause im new to yahoo but reply to me and ill send you the scientific proofes and videos etc if you wish to learn more. good luck sister, hope for you the best

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    • Did I mention that God gave us his only Son? Yeah see God is Jesus But Jesus is God, but Before Jesus was God, Jesus was Gods Only Son....are you with me?

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    I am planning/thinking of converting to islam my self. and honestly I feel as though hijab is something beautiful, a treasure of sorts and I would be proud to wear it.

    ^_^ If you want to email me to talk about it, my email is on my profile.

    I think it might be hard for me at first too but I know I would be proud of myself once I have done it.

    Good luck!

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    Become a mass murderer, serial rapist, town pillager, caravan raider, and a well documented sponsor of the advocation of pedophilia just like that guy they worship over there in sand land.

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    The Muslim community will accept you with open arms. You will have to adjust to things like wearing the hijab, avoiding certain foods/activities, and things like that, but beyond that, your race and background don't really matter. Congratulations, btw.

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    salam alikum/ Peace upon you,

    to answer you best, I ask questions of my own,

    Islam, AKA the Straight Path, is the road of all prophets,

    I know that Allah wouldnt put one under considerable constraints: tricky remarks, actually we do more than Him, however: to love His is to obey Him [up to you how much]

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