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whos going to the better outfielder?stanton,harper or upton?

okayy i have excluded the likes of jason heyward, jay bruce because i dont they will be THAT good. and i excluded trout because he in the american league. isee him being like elssbury last year. anyways ,......STANTON(homerun hitter....on pace for 500), HARPER(hasnt made his mlb debut yet but if he becomes what he is said to be they we have another pujols for the next 15 years in washington) and justin upton(very good player, kinda lika a nonsteroid barry bonds....i just think he needs another team......YANKEES?) and as

far as pitchers......verlander? yea right maybe i have a grudge against him because of the possible verlander vs weaver rivalry soon but i think verlander is gonna run out of steam like kerry wood. so the ptichers that are gonna be dominating for the next 10 years i predict will be clayton kershaw and stephen strasburg. they will battle each other for cy young year after year. kinda like how pedro and clemens were. so expect the next cy youngs in the nl to be like













ps: iknow i sound insane to think that far in the future

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    Stanton, could hit 40 HR's and contend for MVP awards.

    Harper, need more time..he could be average or he could be great.

    Justin Upton is a much better the answer has to be...Upton, Stanton, Harper, in that order.

    You have Strasburg down for 6 Cy Young's..that's coming off, it can't be. Kershaw is the top gun at the moment.

  • Lori
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    4 years ago

    CANADA hehe but between thoose two, i'd say the UK, they are just so damn sezzy over there and a lot bertter in bed

  • 8 years ago

    stanton but upton quite good too

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    i bet to stanton, since i saw that guy, he's best in outfield.

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