what is the standard issued gear of an army infantryman?

i was wondering what gear army infantry carried. it would be cool if you could inclued the gun as well. thanks:)

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    Depends on your unit, the mission, etc but typically the gear is along these lines:


    M4 (and variants including mws, a1, etc)

    M16 (usually A4 mws)

    M14 (m25 conversion, EBR conversion, usually marksmen only)

    M249 (and variants)


    M203 (generally attached to m4 or m16 but standalone versions exist)




    Special purposes grenades such as smoke, white phosphorus (incendiary, NOT SMOKE LIKE BLACKTOPS NOOBS MIGHT THINK) ,colored signal smoke

    Gear from top to bottom,

    ACH with camouflage cover

    NVG mount (sometimes with NVG set)

    Eye protection

    Neck gaiter

    IBA or IOTV (depends on unit, my 19D buddy wore a custom stitched PC in his tours)

    Applicable attachments for body armor, neck, deltoid, groin protectors etc

    Load bearing vest or pouches attached to armor system.

    Combat uniform.

    Belt (many kinds exist, most are authorized)

    Elbow and knee pads

    Hydration system

    CBRN protective mask


    Ruck or assault pack

    Boots (all kinds, in ACU most 8" tan colored ones are authorized, although Danner 6" are issued with MC)

    There's all kinds of other stuff, but that's a general idea if what gear is carried.

    Source(s): Active duty service
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    M4A1 5.56 M16A4 Beretta M92F 9MM Colt M1911A1 45 ACP M67 -M63Frag Grenade Willy Pete M82 Flash Bang M18 Smoke Grenade M118A1 Clay More Mine Flack Jacket Helmet . Other soldiers could carry a M16A4 with a M203 grenade launcher 40MM , M240B 7.62 our M249 SAW 5.56 M60E3 7.62

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    All you need is an m16 and an mre

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