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What does 1:100 mean on comic book?

Trying to buy a comic book online for a cousin of mine as a gift. Its a rare cover but next to it it does not say a rating but it says 1:100. I researched it online but 1:10 came up. Is it rating the condition of the comic? Or what does 1:100 mean? Thank you!!!!

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    Favorite Answer order to guarantee one a shop must order 100. But what the publishers do is they add up all of the pre-orders and divide by 100. That then gives them how many variants to make. They then make sure they at least make as many as each store is guaranteed.

    So by default it is 1:100. Typically most LCS's try to sell these for the ratio. I.e. if it is a 1:10, most will list the book at $10. A 1:20 = $20, a 1:50 = $50, etc. Then free market takes over from there

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