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Web based businesses and cloud computing?

In your opinions what do you think will be some major benefits with the innovations of cloud computing when tied into your web based business? And by this I don't necessarily mean physical product business, but even things like graphic design companies, freelance companies, anything that offers a applicable service/product accessed through the web.

What about your opinions on the drawbacks and/or disadvantages? I wanna hear your thoughts as this has been a crossroads for me in a self debate whether to move from a physical server to VM.

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  • 9 years ago
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    For any business which is contemplating a move on the cloud may check for the following thumb rule.

    --- Seasonal traffic

    --- Unpredictable (or predictable) burst of traffic

    --- A start-up that needs to save upfront expenses (of server, hardware etc)

    The following application classes are not a good fit for Cloud:-

    --- Real time s/w

    --- Bulk-data at subscriber end

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  • 3 years ago

    Cloud computing is a colloquial expression used to describe a type of extremely some computing concepts that comprise a huge type of desktops that are related via a particularly-time conversation community (in many circumstances the internet). Cloud computing is a jargon term with out many times extensively used non-ambiguous medical or technical definition. In technologies, cloud computing is a synonym for disbursed computing over a community and talents the ability to run a utility on many related desktops mutually. the recognition of the term would be attributed to its use in advertising to sell hosted centers contained interior the experience of utility provider provisioning that run customer server utility on a lots off section.

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