Give Me Basic Engine Specs?

hey, Im almost 16 and I'm looking into buying a used car. And I don't know that most about different engines and the specs about them. Pretty much all I know is V Whatever is the number of cylinders, and that mean more horse power and that will help your performance, like speeding up, going up inclines ect.

I don't know what the liter volume or anything else does or what it helps blah blah blah.

Could anyone just give me a quick overview of everything? just the basics so I know what I'm looking at at least.

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  • 8 years ago
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    your right with the V thing. v6= 6 cylinders and so on, the liters is just a measure of how much fuel the engine uses such as a 2.7l engine will use way less then a 5.7l. you may run into cars that say there engine is either dohc or sohc which this just means it either has double over head cams or single....with this being said double will produce more power since it has more valves per cylinder which brings in more air causing more hp and a single is better on gas. also there is something called mfi and efi...mfi is mechanical fuel injection and efi is electrical fuel injection....the benifit to the efi is greater fuel economy while have less throttle response due to the fact that when you press on the gas your telling the computer that you wanna go faster which slows down the acceleration, and a mechanical set up allows you to press on the gas and it pulls a string located near the trottle body that makes the engine suck in more air, this set up isnt as good on mpg's but gives you better throttle response.

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