Is There A Cleaning-Chemicals-Proof Mask For Asthma Sufferers?

A mask that is for asthma sufferers that protects against cleaning chemicals, mix of cleaning chemicals and preferrably soldering fumes. Is there such thing or at least close to what i have described? And will it help me? I ask because doctor told me that mask still let little amount of chemical fumes get in.


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    Probably the best one is worn in hospitals by anyone entering a room with a TB patient. What ever mask you decide on, put one on, and then have someone spray some perfume or cologne at you. If you can smell the fragrance, the mask will not be effective.

    Hope this helps you some.

    3M 1860 N95 Health Care Respirator and Surgical Mask

    This 3M Health Care Respirator & Surgical Mask meets CDC guidelines for Mycobacterium tuberculosis exposure control. It defends against airborne particles as a respirator and protects against airborne particles including those generated by electrocautery, laser surgery

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    You can also use less harsh cleaning products in your home. Endust Free is a hypoallergenic cleaning spray that is asthma and allergy friendly. Give it a try!

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