science fair project ideas?

I want to make it to nationals.

Which of these sound the best:

Study the "comfort zone" different people have, how the comfort zone varies between sexes, and between friends and strangers [I would use the Leibowitz Social Anxiety Scale Test to test multiple people ages 13-18, male or female]

Analysis and Documentation on Color's Effects on Emotion Between Genders

Determine whether elementary grade students comprehend directions better with visual, aural, or typed directions.

What are the affects of multiple washings on flame retardant sleepwear / clothing? [Did this in 6th grade & went to regionals. I am now a freshman.]

AND, if you have any other ideas please tell me ♥

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well....................................... Science Fair Project Ideas Lets see Come along with me!

    Does music affect on animal behavior?

    Does the color of food or drinks affect whether or not we like them?

    Where are the most germs in your school?

    Does music have an affect on plant growth?

    Which kind of food do dogs (or any animal) prefer best?

    Which paper towel brand is the strongest?

    What is the best way to keep an ice cube from melting?

    What level of salt works best to hatch brine shrimp?

    Can the food we eat affect our heart rate?

    How effective are child-proof containers and locks.

    Can background noise levels affect how well we concentrate?

    Does acid rain affect the growth of aquatic plants?

    What is the best way to keep cut flowers fresh the longest?

    Does the color of light used on plants affect how well they grow?

    What plant fertilizer works best?

    Does the color of a room affect human behavior?

    Do athletic students have better lung capacity?

    What brand of battery lasts the longest?

    Does the type of potting soil used in planting affect how fast the plant grows?

    What type of food allow mold to grow the fastest?

    Does having worms in soil help plants grow faster?

    Can plants grow in pots if they are sideways or upside down?

    Does the color of hair affect how much static electricity it can carry? (test with balloons)

    How much weight can the surface tension of water hold?

    Can some people really read someone else's thoughts?

    Which soda decays fallen out teeth the most?

    What light brightness makes plants grow the best?

    Does the color of birdseed affect how much birds will eat it? (more info.)

    Do natural or chemical fertilizers work best?

    Can mice learn? (you can pick any animal)

    Can people tell artificial smells from real ones?

    What brands of bubble gum produce the biggest bubbles?

    Does age affect human reaction times?

    What is the effect of salt on the boiling temperature of water?

    Does shoe design really affect an athlete's jumping height?

    What type of grass seed grows the fastest?

    Can animals see in the dark better than humans?

    That should help you.


  • 8 years ago

    Nationals? As in ISEF level? There are no national level science fair competitions in the US except for ISTS and Siemens and I believe some few others. If you want to do to the nationals, you will have to make a mentorship with a professor first. If you can't do that or devote your time to that, quit. You will also be spending this as your life for HS pretty much. It's all for a great thing though. It's also good to learn basic stat skills for data analysis such as ANOVA and t-tests.

    Personally, it depends on how much research is already done on the topic. The second one seems too general; I don't think you will find anything significant or novel. I think you should refine your first one-- what does a "comfort zone" mean? There are lots of different types of comfort and a lot of different variables with that topic.

    It seems like you are doing a behavioral project, so it also depends on how possible you can get your subjects. FYI, you're going to read and write a LOT.

    Hope this all helps, and good luck in your endeavor!

    Source(s): I am a junior working in a partnership at the University of Washington. I'm planning to enter into regional, state, and if I win either of those, into ISEF. I was in the Science Research program in Westchester County in NY before I moved to Washington. Numerous people from my previous HS has dominated state and regionals, and a good number has made it to ISEF.
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  • Ilyse
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    4 years ago

    I recently judged a Jr. High science fair. Some of the fair projects were really creative. "They color of cool"Can the color of shingles affect the temperature of a house? "Night Writers" - How does lack sleep affect your motor skills? They had people stay up all night giving them typing test at various points of the night and after things like drinking a cup of coffee. "The unpopables" - Which brand and/or flavor of popcorn has fewer un popped kernels ? There were so many that were great. but these are the ones that I remember as the best

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