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Would She be Beautiful or average??BASED purely on looks??İf they were in the same league?

This might sound a little confusing.But here goes...

Let's say there is a really good looking single 36 year old man, with his own bussiness, a good house, nice car.And he is a man that has traveled around the world.Lets say he goes for women in his own league.Without taking personality into account AT ALL..

Let's also say that he asks out and shortly dates an 18 year old woman.

AGAİN WİTHOUT TAKİNG PERSONALİTY İNTO ACCOUNT AT ALL.BASED PURELY ON LOOKS.would you assume that the woman is beautiful, average, or ugly?Considering he dates women in his league would that mean she would have to be beautifull or would that mean she would have to be average beacues she is so much younger then him??

İ hope this makes sense and thnx

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    ok lets take leonardo dicaprio, thats roughly his age. you dont think he could get a hot 18 year old?

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  • 8 years ago

    Beautiful: men in that kind of "league" date women who are very VERY pretty. Even the women their aged look gorgeous because of the fact their money helps provide all the antiageing Botox injecting plastic surgery they can afford. But just knowing these types of men, they may date beautiful women, but they are very lonely.

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  • 8 years ago

    lol this is the stupidest question ever

    it doesnt matter what anyone answers, cuz this question is not realistic. when your dating, of course you take personality into account.

    she could have an amazing personality, and so so looks .. but hes dating her cuz they get along and she is nice, etc.

    or she could look beautiful but have a dull personality, and he's dating her for her looks.

    cant you just look at her and decide for yourself whether you think shes average or above average looking...???

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