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Volleyball rotations?

We recently took second in a tournament and we could have won if we had a better rotation our rotation right now is we have 2 passers in the back 3 in the front plus the setter I think we should have it the other way around 3 in the back 2 in the front plus setter but my coach won't listen! I exactly told her that she is spreading the passers way too thin because most of the serves go to the back remember we are middle schoolers so we're not the best players in the world. So who do you think is right?

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    If tough to say way rotation is best. There are all kinds of ways to line up on the court.

    Most middle school teams play a rotation that's called a W. It's called a W because with 3 players back and 2 players up makes the W formation.

    Another popular formation is the U formation.

    What the coach needs to do it pick a formation and get good at it.

    It's a tough situation when you don't see eye to eye with your coach. If the coach is good, the coach will convince you that what she is trying to do will work. The coach needs a plan and needs to get you guys good at executing the plan.

    I don't think it's a matter of who is right and who is wrong. What you got to do is stick to your system and get good at it. If your coach wants you to play a certain way, you got to trust the coach and focus on getting good at what the coach wants you to do.

    If your current serve receive formation isn't the best strategy, your coach will eventually realize this and change it.

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  • Dude, the coach is always right.

    But when you get in high school, that's pretty much how the rotations are gonna be [2 in the back, 3 front, + setter] Passers have to move a lot, and they're usually the best at judging where the ball is gonna go, so you can get away with two just fine. You need three hitters in the front, it's important for making a kill, plus blocking!

    Be careful arguing with your coach....

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