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Average bills for water, electric, etc. in Irvine?

How much is the average water bill, electric bill, gas bill and trash bill for a group of 4 girls living in an apartment in Irvine, California?

I just recently moved in with a group of strangers in an apartment across my college. The other girls had been living here for awhile and so I just went along with how they've been managing the bills. Instead of splitting the total costs into 4 (which is what I thought was the fair way to do it), they decided to have 1 person in charge of each of the bills. So someone else got trash + gas, someone else got electricity, someone else got water and I ended up with the Internet which no one else wanted. I currently pay $38/month for the internet. I've asked the girls about the whole billing system and they said it's "fair" coz we all pay around $30/month anyway, give or take a few dollars.

As someone who is paying for mostly everything on my own, except for tuition, I'm pretty much persnickety about money since I also have to budget for my own food and books. I'm not exactly close to these girls and I'm usually non-confrontational so I dont wanna go up and demand for the exact amount of the bills with proof (well not yet anyway)... but my parents had been wondering aloud if it's fair that I pay almost $40/month since according to my dad, water and gas are pretty cheap...or am I actually getting the cheap end of the stick by getting the Internet bill?

There's also the added info that the other girls have significant others who tend to live here during the weekends while me and my roomie usually go home during the weekends.

So whats the average consumption?

2 Answers

  • DaMan
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    It sounds to me like you're getting a good deal.

    I have a 1400 square foot apartment and I spend $79-$99 a month on electricity.

    Please be advised that electricity is not "cheap" in California.

    So I personally think whoever got stuck with the electrical bill will be in for a rude awakening.

    Ain't no way a monthly electrical bill for 4 people will end up being around $40 total.

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  • 4 years ago

    nicely Im uncertain what a pound is comparable to in funds yet my generic costs are Water and Sewer-$55.00 electric powered, summer-$one hundred twenty five.00 with 2 a/c's iciness $a hundred.00 with an Eden organic organic gas, summer-$50.00 iciness-$a hundred and fifty-$200

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