What are some cute animes? O_O?

what are some cute animes? im on punishment for God knows how long lol. i cant exactly remeber ones ive watched, ive seen eureka 7, Special A (think thats the name), Gakuen alice, Pichi pichi pitch (one of the favs), Kamichama karin, fullmetal alchemist, inuyasha, Fullmetal brotherhood, lol as you can see im a helluva geek, but dont care. Any suggestions anyone? i like romance, but mostly a cute romance comedy ^_^ . i liek the action/adventure cute romance ones. Please and thank you :)


To the one who named the Hayao miyazaki films, i own all of them except one :) YESSSS< im a big fan of Miyazaki ^_^

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    Howls Moving Castle

    In this engaging anime based on a children's fantasy novel, 18-year-old Sophie works in her late father's hat shop in a humdrum town. But things get interesting when she's transformed into an elderly woman by the evil Witch of the Waste (voiced by Lauren Bacall). Determined to reverse the spell, Sophie seeks the help of the wizard Howl, who has an amazing moving castle that's fueled by a fire demon named Calcifer. Hayao Miyazaki directs.

    My Neighbor Totoro

    Legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki provides a stunningly realistic portrayal of life in the country. When their mother is hospitalized, two young sisters spend a summer in the Japanese countryside with their father. The strange new environment turns out to be a natural wonderland filled with exotic real-life creatures and a trio of furry woodland sprites who can only be seen by children

    Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within

    It's an Armageddon scenario with a Greenpeace subtext when Dr. Aki Ross races against time to keep phantom-like alien invaders from destroying what's left of life on Earth in this computer-animated adventure based on the video game. In an attempt to curb the invasion, Ross advocates a measured approach while hawkish General Hein pushes for a blind annihilation of everything on Earth. The voice cast includes Ming-Na, Alec Baldwin and James Woods.

    Kikis Delivery Service:

    In director Hayao Miyazaki's gentle, animated adventure, young witch Kiki (voiced by Kirsten Dunst) moves away from her family to practice her craft, but she finds that making friends in a new town is difficult. With her cat, Jiji (voiced by Phil Hartman), in tow, Kiki puts her broom-flying skills to work for a baker's wife by starting an express delivery service. She quickly discovers, however, that she can't take her abilities for granted.

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    1. Shakugan no Shana: a story between a normal high school student and a cute loli girl with superhuman power (flame haze)

    2. Zero no Tsukaima: magic!!

    3. Toradora!: Palmtop Tiger and the delinquent Takasu

    4. Durarara!!: So complicated but cool!

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    well a really cute, romantic comedy anime describes the anime/manga series called "Chobits". it is about a guy who moved to the big city from a farm. the city is very advanced in it's technology; so much that they made computers that look and speak like humans. He wishes she could have one but knows nothing about technology and cannot afford one. He finds one laying out in the garbage and takes her home. he turns her on and BAM! he has a persocom! (the humanoid computers). but this persocom is different because it has no OS(operating system) and yet has very good security. he has to teach her things as if he was raising a child, and this guy is very perverted, so it is kinda hard to teach her without giving her the wrong idea. but there is a legendary persocom called a "Chobit" which is a normal persocom, but with extraordinary powers and real human emotions. and although it is taboo in this anime/manga, he falls in love with her.

    there is another really really cute romantic anime called "Peach Girl" I am running out of space to type, so any other anime names I give you, I will send the wiki link. (^U^)


    Lovely Coplex is really cute and realistic, like Peach Girl


    those are the cutest animes I can think of. I hope I helped!

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    U will Love

    Clannad-Clannad After Story

    Angel Beats!

    Ouran HighSchool Host Club

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    Chobits, Fruits Basket, School Rumble, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Honey and Clover, Ah! My Goddess, Love-Com, Bokura ga Ita (We Were There), K-On, Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango), Ouran High School Host Club, Skip Beat!. There's a lot more.

    If you like yaoi then Junjou Romantica if a definite one.

    For movies, I recommend ALL Studio Gibli ones! And "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" is really good too. :)

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    Lovely Complex

    This is the cuutest anime~!! I could watch it over and over again.

    Rave Master is cute with some romance and comedy.

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    umm.. try Kobato. cute but it's not action/adventure

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    maid sama and nodame cantabile

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