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Why are people so upset with Susan Sarandon?

I've just seen about the 5th article about what Susan Sarandon said about the Pope: why is this even news?

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    How would you feel if someone called the leader of your country a Nazi without justification and refused to apologize?

    I find it very sad that an intelligent woman like Ms Sarandon would do the research that the Pope grew up in Germany while it was ruled by the Nazis but not that every German citizen who was forced to join the Hitler youth was a Nazi or who was drafted into the German army was a Nazi.

    The Jewish Virtual Library states that Hitler Youth membership was made compulsory for youths over 17 in 1939, and for all over the age of 10 in 1941.

    Pope Benedict XVI was born Joseph Alois Ratzinger on 16 April 1927. He was required to join when the law changed in 1941 when he was fourteen (over the age of ten).

    As a teenager and young man, Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) was drafted into the Hitler Youth and the Nazi German Army just like every other non-Jewish German male. He was not given a choice.

    The Pope is not and never has been a Nazi. He unfortunately grew up in a country ruled by the Nazi party.

    Every draftee into the Hitler Youth and the Nazi German Army was not a Nazi.

    Thank God that you and I live in a very different world that the Pope did in 1930s and 1940s Germany. Or do we?

    With love in Christ.

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    Wow, although there is an answer or two that makes Ms. Sarandon sound unfair in her judgement of the Roman church's Pope.

    I would have to say to those that feel that way, 'what do you expect?'

    The Roman church selected this man to be her 'Pope' and she knew that he had questionable ties with the German Nazi regime.

    Those like Ms. Sarandon who speak their heart should no more be bashed, then let's say the church who chose such a questionable man to be her head.

    I thank God that I follow the One and only Father, who resides in Heaven, for I don't have to wonder who or what He is or isn't.

    Be Blessed:-D

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    -In an interview with actor Bob Balaban, Sarandon said she sent a copy of the book to the Pope — by which she meant Pope John Paul II. “The last one,” she said. “Not this Nazi one we have now.”

    Pope Benedict, born Joseph Ratzinger, was raised in Germany, conscripted into the Hitler Youth at the age of 14, and later drafted into the German military. Ratzinger deserted the army weeks before the Germans surrendered, and spent time in a prisoner of war camp.

    Pope Benedict maintains that as devout Catholics, his family always rejected the Nazi ideology.-

    Yeah, I'd call that a Godwin's Violation, as a 14 year old kid is not of age to decide that they are a Nazi. Being drafted isn't a declaration that one agrees with the political ideology of the Maximum Leader.

    So, Susan did go too far, I would say.

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    what did she say?

    If they are upset was it something rude?

    ok, that explains it. The nazis were a horrible group of people in the 30's and 40's

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    Susan called the pope a Nazi. Her comment is because the current pope was drafted into the Hitler Youth while growing up in Germany during WWII. Does that make him a Nazi? Not necessarily. Many young men were drafted into the Hitler Youth unwillingly.

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    If I could buy a piece of gum for a nickel, or a truck-load completely full of

    Susan Sarandon's opinions;

    Especially concerning things she knows nothing to little about..

    ..I'd buy the gum.

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    So its only freedom of speech when it suits them? Does she not have the right to her opinions? To her views? I am right behind her, the Pope is not above anyone having an opinion expressed about him.

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    She has too much money and too much mouth power.

    Of course he was in that army. He was a kid. That doesn't make him a nazi.

    And from the info above, looks like he even deserted it and ended up in prison for it.

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    Because they take things out of context when it suits their persecution complex.

    I for one do not take that as a criticism of his compulsory membership of the Nazi youth. I see it as a comment on how he has behaved in his career of covering up crimes, helping criminals evade justice and live extremely good lives. and hiding money for and received from those criminals.

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    She spoke the truth and said he had once been a member of the nazi youth

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