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If it's illegal to download music, then why are there so many websites for it?

Is there something that isn't illegal about it? Like if it's for personal use or something like most things you can download? I know that something about it has to do with copyright.

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    Good question :). You're right, it is illegal to download copyrighted music in the United States without the artist's permission. There are many websites on the internet who offer free downloads because it is legal in some other countries, such as China and Moldova. There are also some people who choose to download it illegally in the United States. These people are actively tracked by the FBI, who gain their IP Address (Think of it as your computer ID) when you download pirated material. Pirated material does not just include music; it also includes things like movies, video games, and software. You can get away with it, and 99.99% of all people do. However, it is morally wrong and it'll come back to haunt you. I know music is expensive these days; but don't you think it'd be right to support the artists who work hard to make those songs by at least paying for them? Think of it as going to Best Buy, pocketing 10 Katy Perry CDs, and then bolting out the door. It's the same thing, only no one can stop you.

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    is illegal to share something for which you dont own the copyrights (assuming that something is copyrighted and it is stated, cuz some are limited and some are truly free), you are free to share anything you produce yourself and want to share (is your property). Even though you can find some music for free (some promos and music from bands or people trying to get known and listened to) most of music is copirighted (specially "hits") and if you dont own the rights to distribute (which you would know if u bought them) you are braking the law, the same happens with software, pictures, books and magazines, slogans, logos, and more... There are some people who live by the moto that you have the right to try first something and after you can decide to keep or not (such as you would do with a pair of shoes or a shirt) and they make sharing some things easy bypassing some controls, and most of the time they encourage you to pay for whatever work you found useful or of your liking and give credit to whoever deserves it... Nowadays sharing sites in which you have to be a member and pay a monthly fee i think they pay rights to copyright owners, but im not sure about that one.

    Why there are so many? Cuz there is a lot of demand, for example, it costs me $.99 to put a song i like in my phone, that is not a fortune and is not illegal and there are hundreds of sites for that.

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    Nope, it's illegal. It's just impossible to stop everyone.

    Think of it like speeding. Tons of people do it. Heck, everyone around me goes 70 on 65mph freeways, and it happens without consequence. But if you're either going particularly fast, say 80, or if you're unlucky, you'll get pulled over and fined, or you may end up crashing.

    It's the same with illegal music. Download a few songs, and odds are nothing bad will happen. But it is possible something bad could happen: you could get fined (like getting a ticket), or you could get a virus (sorta like crashing a car). But if you download lots of illegal music and distribute and torrent it, the odds that either of those things will happen go up dramatically.

    How do other sites get away with it? Well, certain sites like LimeWire... don't. Huge torrent sites like thepiratebay get away with it because they're in another country, shielded from laws (a U.S cop can't pull you over if you're speeding in Germany). And sites where it is possible to rip songs: Grooveshark, Youtube, Pandora, etc., get away by making it difficult to rip, defending themselves with lawyers, and occasionally censoring things (think of this as... I don't know, big celebrities or leaders speeding). All of them do run into trouble though: it's not easy for them. LimeWire died, thepiratebay is constantly harassed by an army of companies, and Youtube is often censored.

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    individually i think of that its criminal to obtain song type torrent internet site. Its unlawful to function them to a internet site, and you gets a discover and prison time. yet once you purchased it then its ok. The song is there for a reason, DOWNLOADING.

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  • it is definitely illegal u could get arrested

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    that's just it, there's so many places that they can't police them all

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