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Belgian malinois vs German shepherd vs Border collie vs Australian shepherd vs Australian cattle dog?

Just wanted to ask about these 5 breeds. I know these dogs all require alot of exercise, mental stimulation and training. But just how much exercise do they really need? I plan on getting a dog soon and I have looked at alot of breeds. I decided that the bully breeds have a seriously bad reputation and I don't want people to dislike me because I have a breed with a bad rap. Plus bully breeds apparently are not good guard dogs and most are very bulky and large. So I decided to look more at the herding breeds. I picked these 4 herding breeds because I have heard alot of good things about them. Also I want a smart dog and herding dogs are! So can you tell me your personal preference on these 4 breeds? I like that they are all smart, agile, fast and I have heard they make good protection dogs (mainly the Belgian and German shepherd).

Can anyone tell me how trainable these dogs are and which you think is the smartest?Which is the best for protection and guarding, besides the malinois. Which is the best for someone who likes to jog? And last, could I have one of these dogs if I did my research and never had a dog before? I plan to train the dog in obedience and I will be able to give about 3 hours of exercise a day. But the dog will have to be at home by itself for about 7 hours unfortunately. Unless I can get approval to take my dog to school with me, which probably wont happen. All good answers are accepted and much appreciated :D

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    There are so many breeds that will work, why herding breeds? These are the last breeds I would reccomend for any novice handler. Too smart, too active, too many emotional needs, and often quite mouthy. Please try a calmer breed before a herding breed.

    All 5 of these breeds can do their work well.

    Most dogs can be conditioned to spend some time alone, very energetic dogs don't do as well with down time as the calmer breeds do.

    If you can really give this dog 3 hours every single day then perhaps you can meet the needs of a herding breed.

    Source(s): years of training
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    First off, I understand you don't want a bully breed... but why not get a bully breed, train him well... and put an effort into dismissing the notion that they are bad dogs? Prove them wrong!

    But I understand if you don't want a certain kind.. to each his own...

    The Belgian Malinois is a beautiful, athletic dog... they need exercise as does the other 4 breeds.. a ten minute walk will not cut it. More like a 30 minute run a couple times a day. These dogs were bred to run all day in a field... the less exercise they get, the more destructive they become, and if you plan on being away for a long period of time.. except them to destroy your home. Dog's also are better trained when they are tired and devoid of pent up energy.

    The German Shepherd is the largest of the 5 breeds you mentioned. They also are pretty strong willed. What does this mean? You have to really know your stuff, and know it well enough to be truly confident in your ability to control this dog. If not, he will not respect you... you can shout and scream at the dog all you want, he will not respect you. You have to be his master by being calm and assertive. I would not recommend this for a first dog simply because of the issues you will face learning how to control him. Nothing says you will not be a great owner, and I am sure there are many people who have had a GS for a first dog and did just fine... but compared to the rest.. this one will be the most difficult to handle. This would be a great dog for home defense if properly trained... but make sure he doesnt slip through the door when the pizza guy comes :)

    Both the Malinois and the GS need socializing at an early age along with consistent exercise. they are very bright and obedient dogs, they are determined and observant with strong protective and territorial instincts.You need a firm hand to handle these dogs, but their mental capacity and athletic ability are very high... I simply do not recommend these breeds to a new dog owner.

    The Border Collie is probably one of the most intelligent and athletic dogs out there... They are smart, and learn quick.. and will astound you at what they can accomplish... This dog requires a LOT of exercise but for someone who runs or jogs, it shouldn't be a problem. They will certainly let you know if someone is trying to break into your home... but they probably wont be able to physically stop someone attacking you. If you can exercise them enough, I believe they would be the perfect dog for you. If you are looking for home protection, they will be more likely to lick the hand of the burglar than to bite him... But I own a corgi who can only bark.. and no one comes near my house without me knowing.. and that right there, helps more than you can imagine.

    The other two dogs, I am not so familiar with, but they are similar to the Border Collie... the Australian shepherd is very playful and energetic but without mental stimulation and exercise, they can become destructive at home...

    I would recommend the Border Collie!!!! All of the dogs make great watch dogs to inform you of what's going on...

    hope this helps.

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    The BC and the ACD are the ones that need the most exercise.They will make you crazy without it.They need a lot of mental stimulation and are far from mellow.They are also very trainable and intelligent.Neither would be a dog to leave home all day while at work.They would have to be crated and would get out of any yard even if they had to build a ramp them selves !

    The Gs and the BM are much the same as each other.Both are extremely intelligent which is why so many police departments use them.Poor quality examples can have terrible hip problems which is why you should insist in seeing both parents hip xray results.You would want good or excellent ratings on both. My belief is that these 2 breeds would do better if left alone for so long but you really should consider a dog walker once per day.That really is a long time for an animal to be left alone and if you start with a puppy that amount of time is totally unacceptable.

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    I suggest the German shepherd they are really the BEST for protection. Border collies are really smart and are easy to train. Australian shepherds will stay by your side a lot and herds the pack. Belgian malinois... i don't know much about that particular breed. Border collies are known to be the smartest. If you get a GSD make sure it doesn't have any leg problems because leg problems are common health issues in GSD, if that don't than it will be fun to run with them. Actually and of these dogs gives you fun times when you run!

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    Belgian Malinois Australia

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    Excellent question! Have you looked into the Shiloh Shepherd? I strongly recommend this breed. The temperament is usually softer than the GSD or Malinois. I personally like the German, German Shepherd breeding vs the American German Shepherds due to the flat back and other traits. You will find the flat back in the Shiloh. You may want to check out Bellegrace Shilohs in Murrysville, PA. I have been to Dawn's several times and intend to get a Shiloh from her someday. Currently my 2 Maltese mixes are old and have been experiencing health problems so I do not want to add anymore undue stress to their lives. Shilohs come in the Smooth nad Plush coat. I have had 2 GSD's which were fantastic, 3 Dobermans and 2 German Pinschers. Please feel free to e mail me at

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    First of all, if you are busy in school, I really don't recommend any of these breeds. All of them need a job, and the job requires a high level of commitment.

    What happens if you get involved in extracurricular activities? What about your social life? These things interfere with a commitment to a dog like these, and can be problematic.

    Not all herders are also protection dogs. The ACD is NOT a protection dog, unless you want anyone who enters your home to be....lunch.

    As far as the breeds you have listed, I can tell you right off that the ACD is NOT a good choice for a pet, and should not be kept as a pet. This breed was bred to work, and nothing else. If you have no experience with this breed, I strongly urge you cross out this choice on your list.

    The ACD is very smart, and bred to work independently, so they have an intelligence level that will challenge your authority if you are not a strong owner. They were bred to use their teeth on everything, and bite inhibition is a very difficult thing to teach them They are fearless, and aggressive. They are also very territorial as they mature, and your neighbors and relatives may not appreciate being grabbed by the leg and dragged "to the chute", like the other steers.

    They have a horrible reputation with small children, going so far as to bite them because of the way they move. If your neighbors have small children, this is a real problem.

    When bored, the ACD rivals the adolescent Wolfhound in its destructive capabilities, everything from eating your home to biting you and everyone else in the house if the dog is frustrated enough.

    They are not known for being good with other dogs. ACDs have no use for other dogs. All other dogs get in the way of them doing their job, and could be attacked for interfering with the frisbee toss in the local park.

    While obedience is always a good idea, it can never stop with an ACD. What are you going to do next when your dog learns heel in 5 minutes and looks to you for the next job? And what are you going to do when the dog refuses to respond to the command because you have practiced it too much in the last 10 minutes?

    I live in the dog community, and work with many shelters and rescue groups. The ACD usually is euthanized as soon as it hits the shelter, because they can never pass the temperament test. In the no-kill shelters, they tend to live out their lives there, as the longer they are caged, the more aggressive they get, until no one can work with them.

    ACD rescue will not accept a dog with any kind of bite record, or any dog that seems fearful and unsocialized.

    ACDs are on many BSL lists in communities all over.

    The Australian Shepherd would be a better choice, but also NOT a protection dog. However, the personality is usually more mellow, and this breed is also very smart and easy to train to do all kinds of things. I recommend you find a GOOD breeder who pays attention to temperament.

    Borders are too intense for the first time owner in my experience. And the amount of behavior issues stemming from bad breeding are legion.

    As far as the GSD, I wouldn't recommend that breed to anyone right now, having seen so many bad tempered dangerous animals with severe dysplasia.

    Only know a few Malinois, but any of them would think you were quite tasty and would watch you like a hawk for the opportunity to strike.........

    You would be the toy.

    Source(s): Owner of a rescued ACD. Starting competition obedience training this fall. She learned everything else already. She has a three bite record, all humans. Also owner of a rescued Aussie. He is in training to be a therapy dog, with his great temperament. Active volunteer with Aussie rescue.
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    Oh Jeese! Like the German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, AND Australian Cattle Dog!

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    I've got mine both ways too... but my husband prefers it short... he never ever complains when I grow it lengthy, but is always all over him self w/the complements when I cut that off

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    try or your local shelter. Ask your shelter to contact you when they get a dog that suits your lifestyle. There are also breed rescues. How to find a good breeder-…

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