Someone hit my car while it was parked!?

Somebody hit my car while it was parked and the back bumper on the passenger side is dented, i have no clue who did it and i saw it this morning when i got home. What should i do? Will my rates go up? i have allstate. Please answer!


Can i have some educated people unlike Jonathan Orbit answer this please!

Update 2:

Can i have some educated people unlike Jonathan Orbit answer this please!

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    If you wish to have it repaired you have two options. Either file a claim with your insurance company or repair with $$ out of your own pocket. If you do file a claim it would be considered a "no fault" claim. This should not increase your current rates unless you have a bad history of accidents and have filed many claims. If you can live with it as is, you don't have to worry about anything other than getting use to looking at it.

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    The first thing you should do is contact the police and have them investigate when they get a chance. This isn't an emergency, so they make take hours or even a couple of days before thy can show up. Leave the car as it is if possible. They are trained to piece together what may have happened. If there is paint on your car from another vehicle, that may lead police to contact body repair shops in the area to watch for a vehicle that is brought in with the color that has damage where it may have struck your car. In the meantime, ask some of the neighbors if they happened to see anyone accidentally strike you car. Do whatever the police suggest. Secondly, about the insurance part of this damage. You probably have a "deductible" as a part of your "comprehensive insurance" if that's what type of insurance you have. "Liability insurance" doesn't cover this type of damage. So, if you have comprehensive insurance, you likely have a "deductible" of possibly $500 or so for damage of this type if the person who caused the damage can't be located. The damage you describe probably wouldn't exceed a $500 damage estimate, or if it does, it wouldn't be worth filing a claim on. If you're unclear about your policy, contact the Allstate office and ask what you should or can do. Depending on the cars age, and whether you own or lease the car, will determine what you should do about repairing the damage yourself if the other person involved isn't found. If you own the car, and the damage doesn't bother you, don't worry about it and it's just possible that someone else will hit your car again in the same place, and they'll have to pay for the repairs. If there's some other color of paint on your bumper, keep an eye out for a neighbor or a frequent visitor of a neighbor that has a vehicle of the color and damage in the area of their bumper. Don't contact anyone. Just get a license number and give it to the police. Much safer to not confront anyone. Hope you find the person who did the damage!

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    Johnathan is a fool and so is the person that said call 911. You rates could go up for a claim. The only person that can tell you that is your insurance company. It may be cheaper to just pay for the repair yourself even though it isn't your fault.

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    ***ignore the answer by Jonathan Orbit...***

    Your rates should not go up as you were not in the car a the time of the accident. The accident was not your fault and you should be fine.

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    call 911 and no your rates wont go up. Its called a hit and run so basically they will go to jail

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