Help with John 4:1-42 essay?

I need an overview of significant people, things, times, places, purposes, and an explanation of the theme based on the significant words and concept.


There is no reason to be rude. I was just asking for some help on my essay, you don't have to insult me. I have read it, I'm just bad at starting essays.

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    Verses 1-42 in Chapter 4 of John seems to point out a simple outline of evangelism through the example of Jesus. Jesus has a definite direction toward which he influences this dialogue between himself and the Samaritan woman. First of all, by asking for water, he engages in a conversation based on the context and circumstances of the moment. In asking for a drink of water at a well, Jesus mirrors scenarios seen in Genesis 24, 1 Samuel 9:11, and 1 Kings 17:10. The prophet Elijah also asked for a drink of water from the widow Zarephath while at at a well (1 Kings 17:10). After establishing the event as biblical, Jesus begins to talk with the woman. The odd part of this action is the woman's status. She is not only a woman (a widow, or divorcee), but a Samaritan, a people which were generally looked down by the Jews as apostates and outcasts. Jesus not only engages in conversation, but directs the topic toward spiritual matters, which serve as . His direction is immediately shown by the mention of God and the metaphor of "living water" (v. 10). Jesus offers a source of refreshment, life-giving water (the woman takes to mean literal flowing water). The significance of living-water offered by Jesus is not obvious to the woman, she does not think of something more than physical water even after Jesus mentions in (v.10) 'the gift of God.' Third, Jesus tells her what he has to give her (v. 14), explained by the living water metaphor (wisdom) which leads to eternal life.

    At the end of chapter 4, Jesus returns to the territory around Cana where he’ll work his second sign by curing a Royal official’s son simply by his word. Jesus told the official to go home and his son would live. The man believed and on arriving home found his son well and that he had been healed at the hour when Jesus spoke his words. This sign may be one of the most vital and significant to us. It shows us that although Jesus is not physically present with us he is able to be spiritually with us. The significance for us is that Jesus is adoni of life. Also, these two revelations are meant to show that Jesus’ mission is to all people.

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