pin up girl costume for halloween?

For halloween I plan on going to a costume party. I dont want to buy a costume this year. I want to go as a pin up girl. I have a pencil skirt lace tights and heels. What type of top and jewelry should I wear? Thanks :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    A lot of different things could work with this, so mainly it will be a matter of trying on tops with the skirt to see what will work. Could be something you have, something in a thrift store, or something in a dept. store, even off the summer clearance rack.

    A slinky sweater might work, especially cashmere (ah...!) Or a summer top could be an innocent but sexy short sleeved eyelet blouse. Ditto for a short sleeved satin blouse, though I would favor the contrasting innocence of eyelet. If you go for a see-through blouse like polka dots or red flowers on black, go for a matching slip or tank top such as red, navy, or black under it & not white. If you're portraying the 40's, keep in mind that they were perfectionists in matching stuff.

    The jewelry would depend on the top. Could be a pearl necklace or a heart-shaped locket. Could be a ribbon with a fabric flower or pin worn as a choker. You might land on just the right thing by yourself, or invite a friend over to help each other with costumes. Rhinestone jewelry is kind of passe, but then Halloween isn't about the latest fashion, so don't entirely rule it out.

    The main thing is to spend plenty of time on make-up. You'll want bright or dark lipstick, but powder over it so it looks natural & doesn't rub off onto stuff. (yech!) Ditto for your rouge & eyebrow pencil.

    Oh, I belatedly remembered that hats can be an important part of a retro look. In fact, if you find a flattering hat, then the main thing would be to find something that goes with the hat. Otherwise, short hair should be short curls as though you've had a permanent wave or used clips to set the hair in deep waves. Longer hair could be an undercut, either by having it cut like that or by using a curling iron or both.

    Have fun!

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  • braman
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    3 years ago

    maximum pinup ladies have been totally clothed its so plenty greater to do with elegance and shape then nudity (cheesecake pictures). Your suitable guess is a good jumper or sweater and synthetic pretend cone formed breasts under it and a couple of peddle pusher trousers and a few heals and your there……enormous hair and pink lips continually help ……think of hues like pink yellow and blue as they have been the main depicted on the whole to do with the printing technique of the 1940 then trend.

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