Is this a dating site scam...?

Let me explain the situation:

I subscribed to (and paid for) a dating site and I met someone very nice (judging from her profile page) and I sent her a message. After a week, she replied and said she likes me too (judging from my message and without visiting my own profile page) and she gave me her mobile phone number. I sent her an sms and she replied using another number (not the number she gave me). She replied only twice, she didn't reply to the following text messages I had sent. I asked why she didn't reply to my text messages (on the dating site) but she ignored the question but did reply to it (talking about something else) and she said she wants to meet me. Then we started texting again, but once again she only replied to the 2 first messages I sent her...

It seems very suspicious to me, but there are a couple of things that don't really make sense if this is a scam:

-She replies more often in the weekend and in the evening (on the dating site); which seems rather strange if this was a profile page managed by the site owners.

-Why would she give me a regular cell phone number (in other words; they can't earn anything)...

-Why would she say she wants to meet me...

Once again, I think it's very suspicious, but I don't want to give up yet since she just seems incredibly interesting to me...


@KittySue She does live quite close to me, so she definitely won't be asking for airplane tickets or something like that. :)

Update 2:

I just wanted to add that I'm aware of the obvious scams such as asking money for tickets or a visa or people from Nigeria who claim you've just won the lottery, even though you never participated. The case described above is not as obvious, that's why I'm asking for some help...

Update 3:

The site itself seems legit, in my opinion, but some people on the website are definitely not. The woman I was talking about is definitely not some kind of model who would never need a dating site (I'm not saying she's ugly, I'm just saying she's not using the kind of pictures you'd typically use to scam men). Her profile page also mentions her political views, her view on life and so forth (very detailed), so that's something one wouldn't expect on a fake profile, I think...

Update 4:

@ Mike S It's a local (Dutch) dating site. Judging from what I've read on local websites, the website itself is legit, but their are some people on it are not. I also read positive experiences about people who found their match, so the website is definitely more than just a scam.

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  • Mike S
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    What is the dating site ?....check it out with Web of Trust for free...

    Here are a couple of Very Good free dating sites I have used in the past.... of Fish ....Christian Dating for free

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    No woman is going to tell a man she wants to meet him after a few text messages. That doesn't happen. That's always the sign of a scam

    The scammers always say they want to meet you. That's so down the road they can claim that they need to borrow money for a plane ticket or if they are overseas they need money for a passport or visa. If you send that then they will have some reason why they can't leave the country. If they are overseas they will claim they were detained becasue they need to show anything from $500-3500 to "customs" or "immigration" to leave their country. Or if they are from West Africa they claim they were bringing gold bars with them but they were confiscated because they need to pay export duty. Or on the day they are supposed to fly they or their grandmother needs urgent medical attention and they need you to send money right away

    Dating sites are meant to find people to date - people who live near you. They are not for meeting people half way around the world just to have a chat with. Think of it as an introduction - you meet online, exchange an email or two, then meet for a coffee and take it from there. You don't spend weeks or months chatting to someone in another country - that almost never works out. There are too many scammers, liars, etc

    A friend of mine in London spent almost a year chatting to a woman in LA he met on a dating site. They never Skyped so the only pictures he saw were her profile. They would even talk on the phone a few times a week. So after a year he took a 3 month leave from his job to go visit her and really get to know her. He flew home 3 days later because she had lied to him about everything - she was 15 years older than the girl in the picture, 200lbs fatter, she claimed to have no kids but had 2 teenagers living at home, she told him she was a pediatric nurse but in reality had never held any job for more than 3 months. And the sweet loving woman he talked to for a year turned out to be a horrible, nasty, negative witch in person. He went into a severe depression because he could not believe he wasted a year on her when he could have been meeting someone locally

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