Can someone who isn't white be a Heathen?

Now for the record I am white and am not against this particular subject, but can someone who isn't white be a Heathen, I.e. believer of the Norse/Germanic myths? I ask this because there are a lot of racist Heathens out there and a few Heathen or Asatru associations who claim to be against racism but still seem to only be exclusive to those of white ancestry. And even then what about those who are half-white?

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    9 years ago
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    If you're not white, You can't be a Folkish Heathen. There are many non-white Heathens who believe in the Norse Gods but do not have ancestors that did.

  • Amy
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    9 years ago

    Some white supremacist groups co-opt the Germanic/Norse symbolism. Hitler used these symbols so that is one possible reason. Otherwise it's potentially a shared cultural heritage.

    Most of the Asatru that I know (a few dozen) are not at all racist. Some groups might have rules about being of northern European ancestry but I don't think it's necessary for all Asatru groups. The Asatru have taken the term "heathen" to be their own and to distinguish themselves from other Neo-pagans but it really just means the same thing as pagan.

    As for beliefs, you can belive anything yo want to. We haven't gotten to the mind police stage in our society yet.

  • The way I look at it, if you're good enough for the gods, you're good enough period, and that goes for any gods.

    Fireball, shut up.

    Source(s): agnostic Pagan who has begun working exclusively with Germanic gods
  • 9 years ago

    No oneshould be a heathen. Choose jesus

    Source(s): The holy bible inspired word of god
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