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my xbox 360 wont connect to my wifi?

everytime I try and connect to my wifi it says there's a problem with my connection but thats not it my connection is fine and plus its been saying this for like 1 week or more. and its not far from the router cuz I had it here before and it worked fine. and when I had the wire connected to it it wouldnt update my xbox live it would like just stop moving and my other xbox would do it fine. and I had recently gotten this xbox thats messed up fixed because it wouldnt play any games. you know that stupid open tray disc error and when I got it back this started happening so yeah help please.

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  • 9 years ago
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    ur description is confusin bt my frnd also had dis tpy of prob bt still aftr som tym he came 2 kno dat his net server was down !! if dis 1 didnt help u den sry

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  • 3 years ago

    it would want to be fried once you've tried each thing like resetting the router and examined the community on the xbox continually. i recognize I continually have issues connecting to the web on my xbox. each so often it really is going to easily disconnect for no reason too. in an attempt to make each thing a lot less complicated you would possibly want to easily purchase the ethernet cable. they are like 5-10 bucks at walmart. they are offered contained in the electronics branch close to the computing device and router stuff. purely hook up the ethernet cable contained in the decrease back of your information superhighway modem and then for your xbox and also you are able to be all solid to bypass!

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