8dpo and what my cervix looks like!?

I wish I knew the difference from a pregnant cervix and I regular looking cervix if I keep doing this, the next month I will notice a chance if there will be a change. I got a speculum from my doctor last month, so I stated monitoring my cervix. 8 dpo My cervix now looks bluish/reddish a lot more discharge from yesterday. I had a stringy cm, not like egg white. It feels lot lower then usual. I do have some discomfort but I will attribute to AF coming. I feel some nause but I think aunt flow is coming. The cervix looks soft. It looks open but I did have a baby previously, my cervix was dilated 7cm, the I had to have c-section. What do you think? Could I be pregnant?

Thanks Raquel

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  • 9 years ago
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    This early in the game, there is no difference between a "pregnant cervix" and a "regular" one.

    There is nothing about your cervix that will tell you anything about a possible pregnancy until well after your period is due and a home pregnancy test will tell you.

  • 9 years ago

    You know the colour of your cervix ???? I think you should just relax, chill out and see if AF is late......chill :)

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