Why can't i play my Minecraft server online after downloading john smith texture pack?

so i downloaded the john smith texture pack to my minecraft texture packs

i have the MCPatcher the new one and so i tried my single player version on minecraft everything worked everything was smooth

after i tried multiplayer and for some reason when i clicked join my server it would say "loading..."

after a few minutes i would have the "not responding" message occur

ive tried multiple times to try and make it work

i even tried making a new server

can someone please tell me something i can do to fix this i want to play on my sever.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    is the texture pack that important?

    if it isn't then when you open minecraft click "force update" then click done.

    now when you login it will force the game to update itself, removing all mods you have installed (incl. the patcher) now you'll be running vanilla minecraft and should be able to join the server. if not then the patcher is not the problem and there is something wrong with the server.

    Source(s): a life waisted with minecraft
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