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中翻英 一小段生活對話 20點 拜託謝謝了


他不回覆我就算了 還把我的留言刪掉 我留的都是祝福他過得好之類的

別的女生還會問他什麼時候回來 我可沒有這麼問他,這段期間我也沒去煩他

他今天這樣刪我留言真的讓我很不爽 沒想到他是個這樣沒風度的人

我說過我不想給他壓力 所以我都讓他好好的去忙 我和他的關西就是朋友就好

但是他根本沒把我當朋友 完全不把我當一回事 你說? 他是什麼意思.......

讓我又氣又難過....我真的是不懂他在發什麼神經 我是做錯了什麼他要這樣狠心對




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緊急 感謝

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    Tenzing he deleted my message unexpectedly! I just wrote Happy Birthday on his Facebook wall. He not only didn't reply me, he also deleted my message. The words that I wrote are those blessing words. Other girls would ask him when he would come back, but I wouldn't do so. I didn't even bother him during this time.

    Today he deleted my message which made me really made. He is such a lousy guy. I've said that I don't want to make him feel stressful, so I let him do his work. I just want to be his friend. However, he doesn't treat me as a friend at all. Can you tell me what's wrong with him?

    I feel upset and disappointed. I total don't understand what he is thinking about. Did I do anything wrong? Why he treated me this way?

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    really made 改成 mad

    抱歉 一時打太快了 希望你滿意 不是翻譯機翻的 是我翻的

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    Tenzing he deletes my message unexpectedly! I will just be pray for heavenly blessing his happy birthday some words on his doodle wall he not to reply me also to erase mine message I to remain am pray for heavenly blessing he also to cross the good and so on other female student to ask when he did come back me to be possible such not to ask him, this period I have not gone is tired of his him to delete my message like this today really to let me not be feeling well very much had not thought that he was the human who did not have the demeanor like this I had said I did not want to give him the pressure, therefore I let him well be busy at me and his Guanxi on am the friend on good, but him basic not me, whenThe friend was not serious me you to say completely? He is any meaning ....... Let me be mad that is also sad….What temper didn't I really understand him to lose I am what him to treat me like this cruel-heartedly mistakenly?

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