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商用英文 機器問題



1. 你可以看到video中的spool 在winding machine上晃動的狀態

2.我們以量測儀器, 量測spool外徑, 量表上的指針晃動的幅度相當大, run out的公差太大 ,造

成winding不良3.請劃出附件的檢查表項目中H ,I ,J各是指spool上的哪個位置

另外,我們有以下幾點請求:1.請提供英文的檢查表, 並請在以後出貨時附上英文的檢查表2.貴公司將run out 公差定於1.5mm以下, 在我們使用端會產生wending不良的狀況, 所以請協調生產端將公差縮小於1mm以下.

以上,是想向國外廠商反應產品問題, 請各位知識朋友專家們,能否協助以英文表示,非常感謝!!

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    Here we send you the information and video of spool. We have the following questions :

    1.In the video, you can see the shaking of the spool on the winding machine.2.We examine the O.D. of the spool and discover big amount of shaking. There are too much tolerance on the run out that makes the winding fail.3.Please advise which positions of the spool H,I J represent on the product check list. In addition, we have the following requests:1.Please kindly provide the product check list in English and supply hereafter with future shipments. 2.The tolerance of the run out is under 1.5mm which cause us failures during windings. Therefore, please kindly advise if the tolerance can be reduced to under 1mm.

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