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  • 9 years ago
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    Members committee member Hello everyone, I was present at (???) (???) (???) Department of Education Department of the University study, in fact, in high school and freshman majoring in mechanical drawing and industrial design, because the mother's relationship with their interest in learning, in her second year before transferring to (???) universities. I like (???) department, although the Ministry of Education to study, but I learned that the Ministry is also more than during the day, and I have more time to spend with my mother, although she passed away last year, but I will cherish the days ahead, because I do not ever leave regret in life, like my mother. So if you successfully enter the school, I will do my best effort, a serious effort to follow the professors study, research; in the future to enter the workplace, will be to serve the community as the main consideration, the mother will not return, back to the future life all of the people and things.


  • 9 years ago


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