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safest way to make hydrogen?

i need hydrogen for a project, i would like to know the safest way to do it. i only need a very small amount and was wondering if their is ANY WAY to get it, maybe even a good website to buy it form could help.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you only need hydrogen in small quantities, you definately don't need to buy it- there are billions of atoms of it available to you in a glass of water.

    Using electrolysis, you can split the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen in everyday water. This is, of course, perfectly safe, provided you don't go sticking your hand in the water.

    Simply get a battery, and connect the negative end to one side of a bowl of water, and connect the positive end to the other side. *Use rubber gloves for this*

    Make sure the battery is on, and you'll see bubbles forming on each electrode in the bowl. On one side you'll have pure oxygen, and on the other you'll have pure hydrogen.

    The hydrogen will form at the electrode you attached to the positive side of the battery. Just use a test tube or other collecting device and you have pure hydrogen with absolutely no cost.

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