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Problem Of High Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure is a serious condition.some time my blood pressure is up and some time it is very low.when my blood pressure is low i feel detour.and many time i fell down due to low blood pressure.please guys i am very tensed.please help me..

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    some days ago i had the same problem.but now i am totally fit and fine just because of my friends who gave me great tips.i just follow them and now my blood pressure is in control.there is no need to worry.just do as i say.every day when you woke up drink at least one glass of water.and go out for walk.there is no need to run you just simply fresh fruits and food and also green vegetables are most important in the treatment of high blood these things and i am sure you will get better result.for more tips go to this site.:- http://high-blood-pressure-treatment.yourhealthorb...

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    Take the pill, You willdecrease the blood pressure problems and then You can find out why the high blood pressure happened in the first place. Stay Well Regards Pa69oldfart.

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    It is normal for blood pressure to vary across a wide range during a day, and you look for the average in younger people of 120/80. When the average goes over 150 then you have Hypertension and may need medication. But you should not be fainting (Syncope) from low blood pressure.

    So see your doctor for heart tests including if the rhythm remains stable or varies at random. This may show that you need Pacemaker.

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    See your doctor asap. Low blood pressure is just as bad as high blood pressure. So high blood pressure is controlled with drugs and I'm speaking from personal experience. Without the drugs the blood pressure will continue to be high so I'm presuming that low blood pressure can be similarly controlled. So, you need a doctor to write you a prescription. good luck and relax btw. Being up tight just makes it worse. Deep breathing and learning not to worry unduly helps.

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    Who is measuring your blood pressure? If it is done by a medical professional he/she would advise you what to do further to get rid of the problem. If you are measuring it yourself with a b.p. measuring machine, then be sure that the machine is ok. But if your b.p. really fluctuates beyond limits it is a serious matter and you must get yourself checked up medically.

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    tell us the blood pressure recorded.

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