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help!!! another math word problem!!!?

In a game of basketball, a goal is worth 2 points, while a free throw is worth 1 point.

In one game, Graydon scored 18 points while Phil scored 14 points. Phil scored 3 times as many free throws as Graydon, but only half as many goals. How many goals did each of them score?


thanks to Avinash for answering my question :)

but i need to know what those letters stand for because i still don't get it!!!


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    pf = 3gf

    2pg = gg

    pf+2pg = 14 gf+2gg = 18

    3gf+gg = 14

    3gf+6gg = 54


    5gg = 40

    gg = 8 goals done by Graydon

    phil scored half of them so 4 goals

    phil: 4 goals

    Graydon: 8goals

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