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Thesis Statement?Help!

Essay topic : What are the most urgent environmental problems caused by our consumption of oil and Why?

If i want to write the global warming, acid rain and oil spill in my essay body.

Can I write" In my view, the global warming, acid rain and oil spill are the most urgent environment problems casued by our consumption of oil." as my introduction thesis statement?

May u give me some advices?

Please help me, thanks!


How to rewrite it???

Update 2:

introduction level...

Update 3:


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    It is a very bad practice in academic writing that the conclusion is pre-empted before analysis. The sentence you suggested is likely to appear in the conclusion. Who cares what your view is? We are expecting a logical conclusion/finding derived from a critical analysis.

    If your course of study is at degree level or above, such kind of writing style is definitely not acceptable.

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    1. Identity the problems

    2. Why are they problems? What are the consequence if these problems continue to exist.

    3. They may not be problems - critically assess them

    4. What are the causes of these phenomenon (not necessarily problems)?

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    5. Analyse these causes - these causes may do many good things at other aspects.

    6. Compare the pros and cons and arrive at a conclusion whether these 'problems' require a proper solution.

    7. Discussion on the best solution that can strike a balance between environment and quality of life.

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    Do some lateral thinking: Why do we need to protect the white dolphin at the expense of infrastructural development? What is the problem if all white dolpins are extinguished?

    2011-10-21 21:24:30 補充:

    What is the level of your course?

    2011-10-22 07:47:45 補充:

    What do you mean by introduction level? 中學? 大專? 學士學位? 碩士?

    2011-10-23 09:30:29 補充:

    Avoid descriptive/prescriptive ideas, put more effort on crticical discussion and debate.

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