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兩句英文翻譯 請幫幫忙!




不要翻譯網頁翻的 謝謝


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    I look forward to your taking the initiative to chat with me.

    I wish you can initiate the chat with me.

    I await for you to start the chat with me.

    My emotion changes as you do.

    My mood changes in accordance with yours

    English is dynamic, so it is hard to tell people this is the right translation, because right or wrong depends upon your own feeling and mood, just like what you asked in your questions.

    2011-10-23 22:32:29 補充:

    You are correct, I agree with your both explanation. I need to apologize to the person who ask the question for my carelessness.

    2011-10-23 22:55:52 補充:

    I wish you can provide this correction before it was chosen as best answer by the asker. Anyway, it has already been chosen. I can only apologize for my short-coming, and thank Infinito for correction.

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  • Daiwei
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    I wish you can initiate the chat with me. (O)

    Hope you'll activate a chat to me first.(X)

    I Wish you can activate a chat to me first.(O)

    2011-10-25 07:31:50 補充:

    有人對自己的回答, 屢獲發問者自選為"所謂最佳答案"時, 就不亨一聲, 而今為何指責YK+ 的評選制度!? 因自大, 而輕視別人的回答!?

    2011-10-25 07:33:46 補充:

    I Wish ------> I wish

    2011-10-25 07:41:35 補充:

    還是別有用心? 故意貶低別人, 而抬高自己!?

  • 9 years ago

    Anticipating you to be eager to talk to me.

    My mood swings for you.

    就醬大部分人說的一樣, 這些是形容心情、 感受的, 不適合逐字翻譯。 ^^

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    語言是隨性的, 茲各提供兩句:


    Hope you'll activate a chat to me first.

    Hope you can open up a chat with me first.


    It's you that dominates the changes of my mood.

    My mood seems to get hooked with yours.

    2011-10-23 17:44:17 補充:

    To DaSaGwa

    I await for you to.... (X) <--- Verb to await is transitive.

    I await you to..... (O)

    My emotion changes as you do. (X) <--- "My emotion" is not parallel to "you".

    My emotion changes as yours does. (O)

    YK+最佳解答由發問者來評選, 顯然是制度的基本缺陷.

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  • 9 years ago

    Waiting for you to say hi first.

    My mood swings with you.

  • 9 years ago


    I shall look forward to your initiative action to chat with me.



    You are the one who can affect my emotions.

  • 9 years ago


    Expecting your actively talking to me.


    My emotion varies from you.

  • 9 years ago


    looking forward to chat w/ you.


  • Minina
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    9 years ago

    Expecting the chat starting from you.

    My motion will be influenced by yours.

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