What is Adulis in Eritrea;explain?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Adulis in Eritrea is a port, which was once a chief trading spots in ancient times. The place was famous especially for the ivory, tortoise shells and rhinoceros horns available there. Adulis is considered as a major tourist attraction in the region. The Aksumite trade was extensively based in the Adulis port during the fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh century AD. Also, Adulis is a chief port in the Periplus of the Eritrean Sea, which was used by many sailors on their way to India. Though previously, the sea was just 3 kilometers from Adulis, presently the sea has receded by another 4 kilometers.

    The historical site at Adulis was discovered by Henry Salt who found out the natives of the Adulis islands called it by the name of Azoole. In spite of the discovery, the excavation works in Adulis were delayed due to the Eritrea war of independence. Adulis is connected to the Aksum region of Ethiopia. A highly complicated path through the mountains leads the way to Aksum. The Adulis ruins are located on the way from Foro to Zulu, some few kilometers from the Massawa. The basaltic constructions that have been unearthed from the sandy soils are the chief focus of the site.

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