What is a good online sources to buy new rollerblade wheels?

I need to get some new wheels for my rollerblades.

my rollerblades are K2 and the wheels keep disappearing etc year to wear.

i like to get new wheels but good ones, what is good brand to get

as well i like to know a good online sources store to buy good wheels from and bearings.

i like to get good wheels that don't wear out as easy


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  • 9 years ago
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    I get my inline skate wheels (Rollerblade is the other company besides K2 that is a major maker of inline skates) from RollerBob.

    His web site is www.rollerbob.com - most of his business is selling packages of wheel/bearing kits at a discount compared with the prices for the parts seperately but even his prices on the individual parts are lower than most stores.

    Bob is an avid skater that got into the business as a cheap way to replace his wheels that wore out too fast (you should see how rough his favorite trail was, one friend didn't want to ride a bike on it a second time). I have skated with him many times and have discussed the engineering of various components (we are both engineers) but have no interest in his business other than being a regular customer.

    I have seen him talk people out of high end parts that will not be good for their skating style and suggest cheaper ones that would be better for them. He doesn't just sell stuff that other people make, but is actually involved in the design of wheels and bearings.

    My favorites are the 84a Zero Drag Racing wheels. They are fast and smooth. The 86a wheels wear a lot longer but they rhave a rougher ride and are the wear agent makes them slower.

    That is the price in any wheel for longer life.

    Even the 86a wheels roll easier than most of the OEM wheels.

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