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Does anyone know any good weight loss tips?

I've been struggling for the past few months to drop the last few pounds I need to fit in my cheer uniform from last year. Does anybody know any good, fast, sufficient weight loss tips that can help me drop 10-15 pounds by at least January? Please help!

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    The best advice I could ever give you is losing weight takes time. If you've tried and failed many times (which is what I am going through), you have to start slowly. Maybe start cutting out bad things in your diet little by little. You can't expect to go from eating sugary processed foods and not exercising much to extreme healthy eating and exercising 7 days a week in one day, or even one week. You have to learn to control yourself and that means start small and keep everything under control. Another VERY important thing to remember is to NEVER EVER EVER give up! No matter if you go a whole week eating junk foods and not exercising, that does not mean you have to give up and never reach your goals. Just think, well, next week I'll do better and get back on track. You have to believe you can do it. You have to want it for yourself and no one else.

    Exercise at least 5 times per week. I suggest strength training and cardio. Let's say Monday you walk/run for 30 minutes, then Tuesday you would do push ups and sit ups and planks, and squats and then take a break Wednesday and start back up on Thursday.

    As far as your eating you really need to watch what you eat! That is the most important step. Portion control is important. If you normally get a big dinner, then cut the amount of food you get in half and that will help a lot. Another way is to get your plate and only eat 3/4 of the food you have on your plate.

    Eating healthy, lean meats, whole grain breads, and staying away from sugary things and high calorie foods. Always remember that cutting out something bad with something healthy really makes a difference. Drinking sodas and eating candy bars is empty calories. If you replace those things with a whole grain waffle or one small piece of dark chocolate it will really help.

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    Loss weight tips are available on many websites but we must follow the real natural ways to loss weight quick because use of medicine is not good for loosing weight. I was also very much worried about my extra weight but this site helped me a lot. I request you to follow this site. it is really helpful for me.

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    i heard of a popular way for weight loss.It is hcg diet. It has been said to be the safe, fast way for weigh loss. I think may you can have a try.

    By the way i do not use it. Maybe you need look up more info before you really try it.

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    degrease by scrubbing in the shower for 15 minutes then spend 7 minutes shaving 3 minutes toweling off 4 minutes moisturizing and 20 minutes blow drying and styling your hair

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    replace your scale with a tape measure aim for 32 1 2 inches or less for women and 35 inches or less for men

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    swap half of the avocado in a 1 2 cup of guacamole for zucchini

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    give your protein extra low calorie flavor by adding a salsa or chutney instead of a gooey cream sauce

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    While you re going to vacation take some fitness accessories along with you

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    keeping good posture will not only strengthen your core but will also add a small extra calorie burn because you re working slightly harder to maintain the position

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    out at the bar order a water between every drink

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