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Mountain Bike Inner Tube - Bell or Hutchinson?

I am looking for a 26" inner tube for my Mountain bike. I am looking at buying either a Bell Self Sealing Inner Tube or a Hutchinson Tube (20% thicker tube).

I have tried both of these in the past with not much success. The one time I tried the Hutchinson well it only lasted a month and a half.

The bell Inner tubes I have tired usually only last 2 months.

Does anyne else out there have any experience in dealing with these inner tubes ?

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    Sounds to me like you have something else going on.

    Before replacing a tube, always feel thoroughly inside the tire for any type of stuff inside. Be careful, if it is sharp it'll getcha. You should also inspect the rim strip- that piece of rubber or plastic or cloth that covers the spoke nipple heads inside the rim.

    If the area around the nipples is depressed or if there is the smallest evidence of a nipple or hole showing, replace the strip with sufficiently wide replacements. Do NOT use duct tape or electrical tape or medical tape... they are all too thin. If you have a plastic rim strip, cut it out and replace it. The joint is usually pretty sharp and when the tube is inflated the strip scores the tube resulting in a leak.

    Check your tires for proper inflation AT LEAST once a week, and use a hand pump... don't use compressed air at a gas station.

    Source(s): 32 years in the industry
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    Bell Bike Tubes

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    Mark with chalk where your valve is relative to your tire. Also mark the direction on the tube. That way you can find EXACTLY where the hole in the tube is, so you can inspect both the tire and the rim.

    I look for thorns, glass and burrs on the spoke nuts.

    Are you patching holes or just buying tubes?

    Does the hole look like a snake bite? This would indicate low tire pressure (impact).

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    BELL SPORTS INC Self Sealing Bike Inner Tube Sealant Inside Seals Most Holes fit our rear 2010 BOB stroller wheels. I installed these a little over month and half ago. They were easy to install have have held up to light trail use where thorns are a known enemy of anything inflated. My wife and I started to see air loss at one point, but I just refilled to the correct pressure and spun the tire for a bit. It's still holding air.

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    I would go with Mr Tuffy tire liners a 20% thicker tube is not going to help much.

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    yes, there is some stuff it is green and is called slime. check with your local shops and see if they'll get it for you as not every shop carries it as a regular item.

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