Why Are There No Crosses on the Mormon Church?

The angel Moroni, beehives, moonstones, sunstones, the all-seeing eye, but no room for the Cross?


@Old Timer - The pentagram is used in the church to symbolize His suffering, but no Crosses to symbolize His death and resurrection. Not one Cross. Don't you find that strange? I find your answer too "pat" for a reasonable thinking person.

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    As a faithful Mormon, I wondered the same thing. Paul speaks of not being embarrased by the cross yet Mormons reject this central symbol. Why?

    As you dig deeper, you find that while Mormons claim to worship a living Jesus and not the instrument that killed him, this isn't the whole story. It's a multi-layed issue.

    First, Mormons work for their salvation. They believe that Jesus put the highest heaven within reach, but it's up to Mormons to "do all they can" otherwise they won't be worthy of salvation. So in essence, they've created their own system of righteousness rather than accept through faith the righteousness that Jesus offers.

    Digging deeper you find that they actually worship an imaginary God and don't worship Jesus at all. They believe that Elohiem, God the Father, was once a man like us who progressed and earned his Godhood, just as Jesus eventually earned his and likewise, you and I need to earn ours. They don't pray to Jesus or worship him in any meaningful way. At best he's a junior God who's on the same level of an angel. Satan in the brother of the LDS Jesus. I guess they didn't get the memo that God is uncreated and self existent and Jesus is God to be worshipped equally with the Father.

    Digging deeper you find Mormons love many pagan symbols. Their founder Joseph Smith ran a money finding con using a peep stone in his early years. When he got arrested for this (court records confirm this) he used the same "technique" to translate the Book of Mormon although eye witnesses confirm that he simply looked into his hat and spoke what he saw. No plates needed.

    Having come out of Mormonism, I see the final layer of this maze as simply this; Mormonism is demonically inspired. Mormons walk in a righteousness of their own creation, thus rejecting the free gift of salvation or the righteousness of Jesus, pray to an imaginary God, never pray or worship to the being they call Jesus although the differences between the LDS Jesus and Biblical Jesus persuade me to call their Jesus a different Jesus. And even Mormons admit that a false Jesus cannot save.

    According to John 10:10, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. Once you understand what has been stolen from the LDS people by believing the lies of Joseph Smith, you have to see the source of their religion for what it is.

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    Mormon Cross

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    I actually like that fact about mormon churches. They actually have the same name, at all of them. How convenient..... Have you seen any cool billboard phrases lately? I like, "getting exposed to Christ now will save you from a burning in the future" cracks me everytime. That and the neon lighting. Additional: I'm sorry, but i'm still laughing at this. I can imagine some old lady adding each letter to the billboard. I wonder what goes on through their minds. "this will show non members they're going to burn"? haha, tear. Edit: i didn't know they had names for the stakes or wards. Is that a Utah thing? Our just has "visitor's welcome" underneath the name. It must be a Utah thing because sometimes they have 2 meeting houses right next to each other. Maybe some people get confused about which building is what since they all belong to a specific congregation.

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    Why Are There No Crosses on the Mormon Church?

    The angel Moroni, beehives, moonstones, sunstones, the all-seeing eye, but no room for the Cross?

    Source(s): crosses mormon church: https://shortly.im/28qPL
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    @"I can do what ever I want in this life and still be saved."

    That's exactly what Satan wants people to think. So was Jesus wrong when he said blasphemy against the Holy Ghost is unforgivable? Did Jesus preach repentance just to hear himself talk? The Bible does not teach "once saved always saved." Even an anti-Mormon by the name of Shawn McCraney, he hosts Heart of the Matter, said this Calvinist belief, yes, "once saved always saved" was created from Calvinism, is dangerous.

    @"I know ten churches in our community that have food banks, the LDS church cannot even say that!!!"

    Wrong. There's always wards and/or branches of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that are helping the needy.

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    As I'm sure others have already told you, we have nothing against the cross. We're very aware of what Christ suffered and gave while on the cross, and we're very aware of what the cross means for our salvation. We teach and think on it often. We don't, however, choose to make that our image of the Savior. Rather than focusing on the dying Christ, we choose to focus on the resurrected, triumphant Christ. How is it that so terrible? After all, as vital as the cross was, wasn't that just part of Christ's Atonement? It was a step, not the final result.

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    The symbol of the cross is a Catholic symbol. First used in the 3rd century A.D. to rally other believers of Christ together.

    Just because we as Mormons do not use it does not mean that we don't believe in Jesus Christ or honor and worship him for the sacrifice he has made for us, we do!

    We are a restoration of Jesus Christ's original church. Why would we use a Catholic symbol when we are not Catholic?

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    The cross is a brutal instrument of torture. The Romans used crosses to execute thousands and thousands of people. Why would I want such a horrible thing in my home or in my church? Why should we? Why would we want to? What purpose would such a symbol serve?

    The cross symbolizes death. Christ did die, but then he rose again. If we were to have a symbol to represent this event, it would not be the symbol of His death, but the symbol of His resurrection. I'm not quite sure what that would be, maybe something like this:


    Yeah, let's take this and make little statues of Him and hang them everywhere, jewelry, in our homes, on our cars, on our churches.

    Or maybe not....

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    the cross is a symbol of What? the weapon that was used to kill GOD?? LDS is into Christ not a symbol. the pentagram is not used in the church, blanket wide, as a rule or commandment. It was used to decorate one temple once I think, if that. That the Native American Moroni used tools to increase the faith for miracles as nothing to do with plastering a cross in front of and blocking the view of christ and his church.

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    9 years ago

    Yes Mormons claim to be Christians but they do not want the torture that comes with being a follower of Christ, Jesus said their would be trials and any trial that comes upon them, they will claim is just a person being judgmental when Christians in China are being tortured, killed and left in prison for their faith. If you are a true believer of Christ then you except the pain that comes with believing in him.

    As you see marvel preaches of a judgmental and unloving God, and acts as if...Christians do nothing once they are saved, I know ten churches in our community that have food banks, the LDS church cannot even say that!!!

    Mormons claim to know what other religions preach but if they were born into the church, they haven't a clue except what their leadership teaches them. So they will claim that the symbols are not pagan and that the Catholic church used them...SO IT IS OK TO USE SYMBOLS FROM WHAT MORMONS CLASSIFY AS AN APOSTIC CHURCH???!!!

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