What would you name girl/boy twins?

I am expecting twins. Scary and excited. anyone want to help pick names?


Erin and Jason are cute! what middle names would you pick?

Update 2:

my friend wrote that, not me. she is expecting twins. thanks.

Update 3:

Bethan, I love your names! those are perfect with the daughter you have!

Update 4:

NO NEED TO BE RUDE. She and her husband are expecting twins. and yes i did ask about when i should have another baby. we are waiting to see what happens. so, stop being rude and get over yourself!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Erin and Jason...

    I love those!

    Erin Jade and Jason Hayden

    Erin Rae and Jason Leigh *****

    Erin Mikayla and Jason Michael

    Erin Lynne and Jason Hunter

    Erin Rayne and Jason Lane *****

    I don't know the last name so I'll just go with names in general..

    Alyssa Rae and Alan Roger

    Brylee Paige and Bronson Patrick

    Caitlin Noel and Cody Nicolaus

    Destany Rayne and Devin Ryan

    Erica Marie and Elijah Mathew

    Felicia Jade and Franlin Joseph

    Gwenith (Gwen) Sky and Garrett Samuel

    Haley Linn and Hunter Lane

    Isabella Mae and Isaac Max

    Jennifer Nichole and Justin Nick

    Kaylie Shae and Kane Steven

    Laney Michelle and Landon Micheal

    Loren and Lucas

    Macalah Paige and Micah Paul

    Nichole Alison and Nathaniel Alan

    Olivia Kate and Omar Keith

    Pam Rae and Paul Ryne

    Q -Didn't come up with any I liked

    Rachel Marie and Richard Maddox.

    Skyla Ann and Sidney Alan ****** Favorite!

    Taylor Cassie and Tanner Craig

    U - None for U.

    V - None for V.

    Whittney Jane and Wyatt Jordan **** Second favorite!

    Y - None for Y.

    Zoey Rae and Zachary Ryan

    If you just want cute names together that don't match but just sound good:

    Baylee and Reed

    Alyssa and Zachary

    Jordan and Ryan

    Sidney and (Matt)hew

    Erin and Ryan

    Jessie and Brandon

    Kayla and Cameron

    Jaiden (J-AY-DEN) and Blake

    Mariah and Dylan

    Jailey (J-AY-LEE) and Kaiden

    Lori and Jayden

    Names that rhyme:

    Lori and Corey

    Jaiden (J-AY-DEN) and Kaiden

    Tori and Corey

    Haylee and Bailee

    Karen and Aaron

    Sharon and Aaron

    Carol and Darryl

    (Jen)iffer and (Ben)jamin *** 1st Favorite

    Layne and Wayne

    Kristen and Tristia

    Casey and Macey *** 2nd Favorite

    Rayne and Lane **** Tied for 1st

    Make up your own name! Like...

    Names the same forward and backwards:

    Heaven and Neveah

    Nedia and Aiden

    Nala and Alan

    Use Nature and Animal Names:

    Sky and Willow

    River and Crowe


    April and August

    May and December

    Encouraging words:

    Hope and Dream **** I think its toooo cute!

    Faith and Spirit

    Seasons and Wheather:

    Summer and Ryne (Similar to Rain)

    Leafe and Willow

    Names I think are too cute but wouldn't know what to pair them with:

    Knox *****





    Colt *****





    Macalie (M-UH-K-LEE) **



    I hope this helps!

    God Bless.

  • JustMe
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Samson and Delilah

    Emma and Jacob

    Linnea and Jackson

    Henry and Emily

    Olivia and Oscar

    Sienna and Oliver

    Isla and Rhys

    Rebecca and Patrick

    Lennon and Patrice

    Anna and Jack

    Chloe and Caleb

    Sophia and Elliott

    Aideen and Dallan

    Hazel and Myles

    Kellan and Brynna

    Harper and Holden

    Ellen and Ethan

    Phineas (Finn) and Phoebe

    Violet and Elliott

    Grace and James

  • 9 years ago

    If I had twins RIGHT now... I'd go with

    Oliver Samuel and Evelyn Ruth

    OR, since Oliver and Evelyn sound too similar for me (I like twins to be individual..)

    William Kyle and Evelyn Ruth

  • Beth:D
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Right now if i had them, Liam Avery and Blakely Mariah.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1 week ago you were wondering if you should have another baby.


    I doubt you already know you're having twins.

    I would name mine - Oliver Henry & Esme Juliette.

    ETA: So you AND your friend are both expecting twins? Or just one of you are? Typical "I'm on my friends account" or "my friend wrote that" excuse. Sorry, I still don't believe you.

  • 9 years ago

    Lynlee Victoria and Averie Skye


    Hunter John and Weston Kenneth

  • 9 years ago

    If i had twins i would pick Lily Amelia and Harry James!

    Other names I like

    -Evan Matthew & Isla Grace

    -Noah James & Poppy Annabel

    -Masen Joseph & Isabelle Rose

    -Elliot Lucas & Olivia Grace

    -Tyler Jake & Ella Rose

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm also expecting twins! Although I'm having two girls. Still picky on names, don't know what to choose. I have found two ideas - Addilynn-Grace and Jaileah-Faith.

    Anyway, I would probably name boy/girl twins Rylan and Charlotte.

  • 9 years ago

    William Sidney and Anna Kathleen :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    CONGRATULATIONS! That's wonderful(: Simply perfect. So happy for you.

    If it were ne, I'd pick

    Sean and Molly


    Erin and Jason.

    Hope I helped(:

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