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Remdog asked in PetsHorses · 9 years ago

Conformation question- what do you think?

He's 18 months, registered AQHA gelding. He's a bit down hill, but should even out by 3-4yrs when he finishes growing. 15hh and ~1200lbs.


Ms. Manners- Thanks! He's not mine (I wish!), I'm just training (stand for farrier, carry tack, flex to bit, lunge walk-trot, etc.) him in prep for sale. He's an incredible horse, too- nothing phases him and he's very athletic. The sale is coming up, and I'm trying to anticipate what potential buyers are going to say!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Omigosh....he looks so much like my filly did at that age. :o)

    Downhill does not mean anything in a growing colt....they always grow first one end, and then the other.

    I don't find anything to fault....he is gorgeous. Even his expression is just my cup of tea. :o)

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