would you say this is the right MMA Heavyweight Lineal Championship History?

Date Champion Outcome Challenger

1993-10-14 Ken Shamrock WIN Kazuo Takahashi

1993-11-08 Ken Shamrock WIN Takaku Fuke

1993-11-12 Ken Shamrock WIN Patrick Smith

1993-11-12 Royce Gracie WIN Ken Shamrock

1993-11-12 Royce Gracie WIN Gerard Gordeau

1994-03-11 Royce Gracie WIN Minoki Ichihara

1994-03-11 Royce Gracie WIN Jason DeLucia

1994-03-11 Royce Gracie WIN Remco Pardoel

1994-03-11 Royce Gracie WIN Patrick Smith

1994-09-09 Royce Gracie WIN Kimo Leopoldo

1994-12-16 Royce Gracie WIN Ron van Clief

1994-12-16 Royce Gracie WIN Keith Hackney

1994-12-16 Royce Gracie WIN Dan Severn

1995-04-07 Royce Gracie DRAW Ken Shamrock Gracie went inactive

1996-05-16 Bas Rutten WIN Frank Shamrock Vacant title. Top contenders.

1996-06-25 Bas Rutten WIN Jason DeLucia

1996-09-07 Bas Rutten WIN Masakatsu Funaki

1996-10-08 Bas Rutten WIN Manabu Yamada

1997-03-22 Bas Rutten WIN Osami Shibuya

1997-04-27 Bas Rutten WIN Kiuma Kunioku

1997-06-30 Bas Rutten WIN Takaku Fuke

1997-09-06 Bas Rutten WIN Osami Shibuya

1997-12-20 Bas Rutten WIN Keiichiro Yamamiya

1998-09-14 Bas Rutten WIN Kengo Watanabe

1999-01-08 Bas Rutten WIN Tsuyoshi Kosaka

1999-05-07 Bas Rutten WIN Kevin Randleman Rutten went inactive

2001-09-24 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira WIN Mark Coleman Vacant title. Top contenders.

2001-11-03 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira WIN Heath Herring

2002-02-24 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira WIN Enson Inoue

2002-08-08 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira WIN Sanae Kikuta

2002-11-24 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira WIN Semmy Schilt

2002-12-23 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira WIN Dan Henderson

2003-03-16 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

2003-04-05 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Egidijus Valavicius

2003-06-08 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Kazuyuki Fujita

2003-08-10 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Gary Goodridge

2004-08-15 Fedor Emelianenko NC Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

2004-12-31 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

2005-04-03 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Tsuyoshi Kosaka

2005-08-28 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Mirko Filipovic

2005-12-31 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Zuluzinho

2006-10-21 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Mark Coleman

2006-12-31 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Mark Hunt

2007-04-14 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Matt Lindland

2007-12-31 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Hong Man Choi

2008-07-19 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Tim Sylvia

2009-01-24 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Andrei Arlovski

2009-11-07 Fedor Emelianenko WIN Brett Rogers

2010-06-26 Fabricio Werdum WIN Fedor Emelianenko

2011-06-18 Alistair Overeem WIN Fabricio Werdum

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  • 8 years ago
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    No. I mean, it's a good try, but at the very least it should start with Shamrock's win over Funaki. Further, who decides who the new "top contenders" were? Why is there a gap of more than two years between Rutten's win and Nogueira's win? It's not like there weren't any good HW fights during that time. I mean, I respect the attempt, but it's certainly not lineal in the traditional sense, and I've already stated other problems I have with it.

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  • Mirko Filipovic: I Want to Prove to Everybody That I’m Still ‘Cro Cop’


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  • 8 years ago

    Since there are hundreds of MMA promotions, it is impossible to say.

    What you've included is just 4 promotions tops.

    Also, Royce Gracie was never a heavyweight.

    Source(s): my brain ;)
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