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Free website to trace family history?

Hi. I am really interested in tracing my families history but I do not want to pay the charge because I am on a budget.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated

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    Before you rush to the internet and start looking for websites to find your ancestors.

    Do your groundwork first or you just won't know who you are looking for, where they are from and if who you do find are your ancestors or not. Read this first, then.....

    Collect all the information you have in your own home and in your living relations homes is the first place to start , its free and it will encourage your family to look for more and help you, it teaches you the principles and good habit of record research and the details you can find on records while there are still people alive to ask further questions of, which helps you later on as you are familiar with records, understand what can be found on them, you understand the importance of citing your research to prove what you have found and can generally see very clearly the very basic mistakes/errors that many people make by only trusting online resources, especially when one mistake can mean you are no longer researching your family.

    These records are primary information, so it is more likely to be correct and you will achieve an impressive start with your family tree, also learn/hear a lot about your family which will help you when you do start looking at records in the Records Office or on Internet cited databases. These are your best resources by far living people and the records they hold, FREE, primary and will get you back 3-5 generations of proved, cited ancestry which is a great foundation for your research.

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    Another good, no-cost web site with excellent databases - many of them giving the same info as those in

    Don't forget your local public library. In the United Kingdom, as in the USA, many public library systems/networds subscribe to and provide free access to the databases. In the UK the databases are the United Kindom based ones offered by Usually the free access is just available at one particular library in the local system/network - often the main/headquaters branch. Telephone you local public library and ask about access to the UK databases.

    Plus, at the public library in your area -- the one holding the main genealogy collection -- the librarians there can give you one-on-one direction regarding your own particular research. The databases and the help have already been paid for with library budget funds - your tax dollars at work!

    Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer!

    Find your local United Kingdom Public Library at:

    Best wishes

    Source(s): Professional genealogist + Reference/information librarian
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    Lost of sites can be used for free, but you still need to pay for certificates to 'prove' which are the correct parents/spouses etc.

    Start by speaking to family, taking copies of any certs, and taking notes of anything that they recall.

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    Try free B M D or family search both have free sites good luck

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